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Movie Review: Dhamaka: An engaging movie! ***

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The trailer of Dhamaka was enough for me to be excited about this movie featuring Kartik Aaryan in a very serious movie unlike the movies he generally acts in. The film is finally streaming on Netflix and it is the best watch you can indulge yourself this weekend. It’s a short movie of about 2 hours and keeps you engaged throughout. Dhamaka is the perfect example of one-man show as you would remember no one after watching the movie but Kartik. The most appreciative part of the movie must be told before proceeding ahead with the review- this movie was shot within 11 days during lockdown which is quite a mammoth task which seems to be executed very well as there’s no mediocrity or sleep walking around the performances or cinematography.


The movie starts for you right from the scene that occurs in the 1st 5 minutes itself when you see the protagonist completely in love with his partner and soon the frame shifts to the divorce paper which the wife has sent to the protagonist. You want to know why it happened and the writers have adopted a very good method of revealing this gradually through the main plot of the movie itself and not taking the focus away from it for exploring the romantic angle. After receiving the call from the terrorist, the way whole movie shifts towards urgency and the way events start unfolding on screen makes you excited to see how the demand of this caller will be fulfilled on live news channel.


The movie particularly talks about how media channels and portals work these days where they don’t care about what the truth is, but they are more inclined towards TRP game and assuring that their audience get enough drama to keep their adrenaline rush moving. There are many stereotypes about media people which has been projected in the same manner but at the end of the day, this is a movie, and it is supposed to show stereotypes as stereotypes, if they don’t choose to go through the realistic way. Almost, the whole movie is shot in the newsroom and keeping the urgency, thrill, and excitement alive in the plot as well as in our viewing experience is the major victory for Ram Madhvani – the director and captain of this ship.


The background music is used to show the urgency at times whereas during other times, it keeps on sensationalizing the contemporary scene. The dialogues are fine but sounds repetitive after a point as you hear the word “Sachch” so many times that you want to ask the writers why they want this obvious sentence to be heard by the audience multiple times. The other performance that I would like to mention after Kartik is Amruta Subhash who plays the head of Kartik in the movie and keeps us equally engaged by playing her demanding boss role perfectly.


Talking about the drawbacks – I must say that there could have been a lot that could have been done with this plot, but we are just kept in the vicinity of how media people deal with a breaking news. Similarly, few things are left unanswered as to how the earphones of the media people got bomb installed in them. How did the caller get so much access of their infrastructure? Lastly, the romantic angle is put in the movie, but it feels quite unbaked as it’s not given the kind of due importance it deserved.


Overall, Dhamaka is an engaging movie and will make you smile with a pleasure of watching a good movie in the end. I give it 3 stars out of 5. Kudos to Kartik Aaryan once again – but dude – please the haircut done.





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