17 November 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

Be Wary of Fake & Pretentious People around You!

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When we hear someone say that they have met fake people in their life, we feel that they are exaggerating about their experiences. But let me tell you, sometimes, you get a bigger experience in life which changes everything for you because of one fake person who has been your closest whereas on daily basis, you meet people faking one or the other story about themselves which impacts you like a slow poison does. Now, the most common example of being fake is evident on social media. All of us want to show people how happy and exploratory we are. Even if we go outside for purchasing milk, andif we find a great cloud formation or a nice arrangement of vehicles on the road, we just click a picture and share in our temporary stories about how exciting our life is. People think that you are traveling somewhere or chilling out whereas their own life is all about sucking up to their bosses till midnight.


Such arrangements on social media have really made people live less of their lives and more of a life which is just to post about themselves online. If you’ll get someone pizza, they’ll not eat it first but share it on their accounts to make their friends know that in the same world where they’re having lauki, turai, palak, you are having pizza whereas the truth is – everyday you must be having the same sabzis or even worst – but by pretending on a certain day, you are trying to establish an image of eating only expensive foods and enjoying life to the fullest. Similarly, I see people on trip – they enjoy the view later but first want to get it clicked so that they can share it with people. After that, even if you take them away from that spot, they have no complaints because their job is done. They have already faked it in front of people that they are enjoying something majestic. The truth always remains to be known to them – that they just got it clicked but didn’t spend even 10 seconds looking at that beauty which may have connected them to their roots, soul, or source of happiness.


This was an example about social media, people are even faking in real life in different ways. People earning less are faking by purchasing big cars and mobiles on EMI. Students not studying are faking by choosing a competitive exam and spending good amount of their young age in pretending to be studying. People in job are not preparing for their future which is going to change due to AI and ML but sharing that certificate of 2 hours of free course they completed sitting at home on a website. People in toxic relationship share selfies as if their relationship is the strongest in the whole world. Similarly, few rich people are faking to be middle class by not letting people reach their private space and know about the kind of backing their parents/grandparents have left for them. The students who are working hard on academics are faking about watching movie marathon every day so that their peers can get engaged in the same whereas they can spend the same time in building their bright future. Same applies to the people doing well in job – every time you meet them, they’ll tell you how bullshit their life, package, boss, job profile is whereas in reality, they are paying taxes which are equivalent to your 3 years savings.


You get amazed, surprised, shocked, astonished, broken and shattered- all at once - when you find someone like this in your life or if you are the victim having considered their fake-ness as reality. When the truth surfaces you, you just end up wondering if this has happened with you only with this concerned person or everyone is similar, and you are being fooled since eternity of the past from everyone you believe. Sometimes, even if you must pretend in front of all, at least to the people closest to you, you need to specify that the reality is something else and not what you are trying to project for others. This makes you relevant and trustworthy. Trust once broken can’t be fixed ever. Hence, pretending in front of the people who are wishing well for you, spouse, parents, real friends, close relatives etc. is the biggest crime you must be committing the result of which would be very ugly if it ever comes out. You will lose every such person from your life who were not pretending- but genuinely loving you. And such people are very rare these days.


Also advise to the people who are broken or overcoming from the fact that their closest person ended up fooling them, realize and understand that it’s us who are fool which has been used cleverly by the people. Stop trusting people with blind eyes. Use your senses and keep testing people time-to-time to understand their real colours. It helps you in filtering the useless chaps or soon-to-be-toxic relationships out from your life – or keeping a distance from them. And let me tell you, when you prepare likewise, the chances of getting hurt or being vulnerable keeps getting reduced gradually. What more would we want for ourselves, isn’t it? Well, think about this and let me know if you have experienced something like this.





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