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We need a teacher in every phase of our life!

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We are celebrating Teacher’s Day today and it is such a delighting experience remembering all the fun I had during my college and even school times with the teachers. Learning is a great process, and, in this journey, teachers are our only companion. Unlike the previous times when we had only one teacher teaching the students all the subjects and, even teaching a student individually on one-to-one basis, these days we have one teacher specifically assigned to one subject but teaching multiple students at a time. Just today I am done watching Hitchki starring Rani Mukherjee and it so beautifully depicts the life of a teacher from their perspective. Someone has rightly said that no job is easy and the problem with us is that we believe teachers have the easiest job in the world. This is very unfortunate with these professionals who leave their home every morning thinking that they will educate a generation by spreading every knowledge he or she has but they are always seen as a low-profile worker.

I remember one of my teachers who used to teach us a subject named “Data Structure” in MCA which I could not understand a bit. But she was so strict that I could never ask any questions. A very scary part started in our lectures was the revision of previous class where the teacher started asking the questions related to whatever has been taught previously till now and she understood that I knew nothing. She strictly asked me to sit on the first bench for all the future lectures in that semester and monitor/control the slides while she is teaching. Then she would look at me for most of the times and teach the topics. She would regularly bombard me and make me answer whatever she taught just after she completed teaching the same. This helped me understand the topic as clearly as possible because I gave all my concentration to her words and later, I was most confident about this subject out of all in the semester. My friends were surprised and in fact, I helped them understand many of the concepts during exam time. This is what a Teacher is. When they do strict things with us while teaching, we feel irritated and annoyed, but it is only when we leave the academic part of our life and move towards corporate world, we understand the price of what these good teachers helped us with.

I do not say that every teacher is this wonderful but there are surely many of them who try their best. Our perception may be different about them, but their efforts should always be respected. Just imagine that you have a child, you want someone to teach him/her as you are going to be out throughout the day to earn bread and butter for your family, but you are unable to find a teacher. How scary this situation is! I can’t even imagine. This is how strong presence of a Teacher in our society is. Today, all of us remember our good teachers in life and feel if we can get more from them. Why? Because only as we mature do we understand what they have helped us accumulate in our system which has enabled us to do many major tasks subconsciously. Teachers are the ones who help us perform things effortlessly. Even today, I consider my organization’s founder as my current teacher as whatever he has communicated with me in last 3 years of my job experience is something I know will remain with me always. He is moulding me in to something I am sure will transform me into a better employee for some another organization in near future. In every phase of your life, assure that you always have a mentor whom you respect like a teacher. With this, I would like to wish a very Happy Teacher’s Day to all these great souls who have selected this responsible job.


Abhilash Ruhela 

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