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Movie Review: Stree: Perfect blend of Horror and Comedy! ***½

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When I had first watched the trailer of “Stree”, I was very much sure about its success. And now that film has already crossed 100 crores, this review is not much effective but still I would love talking about it as this is one of my favourite movies already. Any movie starring Rajkumar Rao assures you as an audience that you will at least won’t be disappointed if not impressed. And Stree is one of those movies which will always be counted amongst his one of the best performances plus commercially successful movie. Stree is in my knowledge, the first attempt where the horror genre is blended with comedy and made into such a movie where the audience laughs once in every 2 minutes. Before this, audience still laughed while watching Bollywood’s horror movies but on the stupidity of the story line and scenes.

The writing is very strong in the movie which ensures that the audiences are keen to know the truth behind this chudail who comes annually for four days during pooja and takes away one of the males from the village except his clothing. The film does not focus only on this by repeatedly showing run-and-chase scenes but spends much of the time in backdrop of it and conversations between the characters about how to be safe from the chudail etc. The strongest point in the movie is its dialogue. Every dialogue made for you to laugh makes you laugh and made for you to think upon makes you think with the characters.

Talking about the performances, Rajkumar Rao is funnier than ever. The one scene that will always stay with you is when he tries to imitate Shahrukh Khan when he is asked to be romantic in front of the chudail. Similarly, there are many such scenes which are memorable. Shraddha Kapoor, as a mysterious character, does a fine job with her expressions and confused facial looks. Aparshakti Khurrana and Abhishek Banerjee are also commendable as Rajkumar’s friends who makes you laugh with their scared expressions. Pankaj Tripathi and other supporting actors are also perfect in their roles and bring specifically what is expected from them on the table. The music is not so great and there are no songs which will stay with you once you are out of the theatre hall.

The first drawback of the movie is its climax. The climax is very confusing and something which is not explained very nicely which disappoints the audience. Either there is a sequel coming or something like that for which the makers wanted it to be open for the audiences to interpret but it wasn’t a perfect ending to the movie which was winning the heart all through the first and the second half. Another drawback of the movie is its preachiness about feminism regarding women are expected to be respected and loved. Leave the above two points and Stree is one of the best written movies released in recent times with a new concept altogether. I remembered Golmaal 4 which released few months back trying to do the same while writing this review and what an irritating output that was. Stree is Titanic in comparison to that. Haha! I give Stree 3.5 stars out of 5.



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