16 September 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare:- Strictly for Zakir Khan's fans! ***

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Web series are such that even if it’s average because it’s a new thing for us, we intend to like it as we find it unique. And talking about Netflix and Amazon Prime, everything they are bringing out is distinct in its own sense and perfect contents for binge watching. I am personally fan of the comic stand-up shows that Amazon Prime has in infinity and the best among all of them for me has been “Haq Se Single” by none other than one of the most popular Hindi comic standup these days, Zakir Khan. It is one of the epic sets which I can see every day with the same curiosity for each upcoming one-liner or set. Hence, seeing another content from Zakir Khan on Amazon Prime excited me to go ahead and the name of the 8-episodes web series is “Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare”.

The series is set in Indore, Madhya Pradesh basically so the whole dimension of the show is to engage audience with the lifestyle of a rural India where people have just begun following the urban class and end up sounding and looking silly rather than modern and stylish. The show moves around its central character named Ronnie which is played by Zakir Khan himself. Right from the first episode to the 6th episode, there are many scenes, dialogues, one-liners where you would not be able to giggle or laugh due to its true and exact representation of how boys and middle-class families sound in India. Ronnie is a guy who needs attention and appreciation for which he lies to everyone around himself that the vidhayak of the town is his real uncle whereas the reality is that he has no connections at all with his VIP entity.

As my native place is in a city like Kanpur and Gorakhpur where I find such characters who are nothing but tries to prove sitting among people that there is no one greater than them in the locality and the funnier thing is that they also get quite a fan-following and blind-worshipers on this, hence I could completely relate with all the characters shown in the series. The show is funny in parts and not all and all a laugh riot. This is surely going to disappoint Zakir Khan’s fans. Also, Zakir is unable to prove himself as a good actor as it becomes irritating at times to see him just sleep walking through some scenes. The show is curious for the viewers for the first 6 episodes but later becomes quite predictable and dull. The relationship between father and son is beautifully portrayed in few of the episodes.

The kind of topic that was selected for the series had a lot more potential but just to keep the legacy of Zakir Khan alive of a boy who fails at relationship but still knows how to impress girls, the script has been kept very confined to the topic. Talking about the performances, it’s only Zakir Hussain who takes the whole cake away. To some extent, Venus Singh who plays the love interest of Zakir in the series. Overall, it’s an average stuff to which I will give 3 stars. Extra 0.5 stars for just being a fan of Zakir Khan.



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