4 September 2018 | By: Writing Buddha


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What is an end to all the greatness and motivation you have? It’s not when someone insults you or write you off. You can always beat this shit. The real fall starts when the people you work for stops expecting things from you. That is the time when you should look yourself in the mirror and ask if you are doing things right. In the life of a human being irrespective of whatever he does, either people have expectations from him or not at all. There is no middle way. We, the human beings, in our misconception, forget that this worldly affair is either black or white with no other shades in between. You can either be this or that. You can either be a performer or loser. You can either win or completely lose. Even if you are 2nd, you will not be trusted if you do not ensure the first two spots every time you go for the race. And this is the only struggle every person is facing today.

The moment you fall, you start seeing your support system disappearing and then comes a day when it completely dissolves in the air and you find it unworthy of even performing; leave performing the best. But do you ever sit alone and think about why people expected so much from you and stopped suddenly? Why did the people who were once so dependent upon you stopped even taking your name and mentioning you where you used to be the trendsetter? This all happens because either we start building a castle of egos within us or we start comparing the amount of stuff we do against the people who are also supposed to do as much as you but aren’t. Whenever the spirit of comparison and pulling/pushing down comes in your attitude and lifestyle, your life starts leaving you and does not to associate with you anymore in this endeavour of yours where you are just demeaning yourself every minute. 

When you are respected and loved, remember, that these people want to respect and love you more. Their motives and agendas might be for their own establishment and has nothing to do with the personal aims and goals of yours, but this is indirectly meant for your own benefit. If at your college, you are given most jobs by the teacher to do than anyone else, remember, it’s your time and this leadership quality being taught to you will benefit you someday. You are not being used for the excellent student you are, but life is attracting challenges as per your potential towards you. Grab this opportunity. If you are being asked to do your own job plus help rest of everyone in your team, you are not being asked to work more than the salary provided to you, but this will enable you to become a worker no one else is and your career growth is going to reflect this sooner or later of course. 

Whatever you are being assigned in this world, take it. Do it. Prove yourself that you are an unlimited piece of energy and no one can ever be as dynamic and vast as you. Let the universe know that you have all the power of it within you to attain anything that you believe you can. Keep telling your mind and heart to stop thinking silly things about why you are being given more than everyone else of your age, class, designation, skills etc. Ask your conscious if you are made to fail against the world or rise above the world and be an example if not for the world but at least for the small set of people around you. Being a Go-to person even for 3 people in this life is an achievement. Move towards the direction that is taking you to the mountains rather than the one which is drowning you in a forceful waterfall of mediocrity which will drown you deep inside the river never to rise again and be the capable human being this Earth wanted you to be. You are of this Earth and it’s your duty to be everything you can to prove that you are made of the most powerful matter. 

Hence, when people are keeping expectations from you, be that influencing stuff which makes their day powerful because of your contribution in it. We can never be the divine if we are not a participant in people’s happy life. You are here not to think what is happening with others or why you are suffering every minute. You are here to fail everything that is meant to pull you down in people’s expectation meter. Be the charger that charges everyone to be like you. Be a good workman in whatever work you do. Even if you are a clerk, ensure no one did paper work better than you. If you are a sweeper, ensure that no one cleans the roads better than you. If you are a student, ensure that no one studies better than you. If you are an IT engineer, ensure that no one develops products better than you. If you are a marketing person, ensure no one projects the matter better than you. Always be the best so that people sees only you in bad and worrying times. Only when you are the light of someone’s tunnel will you be prayed otherwise, there are already many entities in this world still fighting for its identity. I wish you do not end up being one of them. 



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