27 April 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

The difference between "Pain" and "Suffering"

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There are certain words that define you or the matter that is being discussed which tells the state of it. Suppose a certain employee is being discussed and people are using words like “enthusiastic”, “inspiring”, “energetic”, “genius”, “sincere” etc., you understand that who is being discussed is a POSITIVE person. You did not meet him. You did not see him. You did not talk to him. But you know that the person is very positive and you would want to have the person in your team. Similarly, if someone is referred with the words like “dull”, “excuser”, “non-performer”, “liar”, “dumb”, “idiot” etc, you automatically know that the person is truly hopeless and you will not even take out 5 seconds out of your life to meet this person. Leave meeting, you will not even want to see this person.

Similarly, the words that we use in our day to day life has lot of effect on how we are moulding ourselves in terms of our mindset. The words get generated only after you think something. Your mind thinks and define the whole thought process with a word which defines the state of condition. These days there is such a level of competition everywhere that you always find yourself hurrying and trying to adjust in this fast-paced life. You keep falling but you do not get time to even wipe off the dust. You just keep running to achieve next milestone. Whatever you have achieved turns out to have no relevance for you because that becomes a past thing and you know that if you do not achieve something new in career, educational life or personal life, you will be thrown back to the last row which has no prominence of survival then.

This whole scenario makes you feel a sufferer. You keep telling the world how much you are suffering on daily basis. If you are not feeling a little well on some day and you have come to work, you tell the whole world that you are not feeling well. If you did not sleep well last night, you tell the whole world that you did not get whole sleep throughout the day. If you are not in a good mood, everyone around you knows that you are not in a great state of mind. And surprisingly, let me tell you that this is been considered cool by people today. Telling people how big a sufferer you are is something that makes people believe that they will be shown immense sympathy and respect for the same. If you are not feeling well, that is because you have not been conscious about your health. If you did not get good sleep, that means you are not having proper meal. If you are in bad mood, that means you did not learn the art of balancing your state of mind. What to feel proud about this condition irrespective of considering yourself a genuine “Sufferer”?

And then thinking the same continuously makes a person feel down and then we phrase a very wonderful word to define ourselves i.e. “DEPRESSED”. What is the difference between “Pain” and “Suffering”? Something that hurts you in a specific moment is “Pain” and which should be there. Without pain, there would be no fear and human beings will end up ruining themselves further. Because there is no pain in hairs and nails, human beings do not think twice before giving them different shapes and forms. If the whole body would have been such, imagine how different each human body would have looked. Isn’t it? So “Pain” is good and it must be felt to understand the gratitude of moments when you are living without any pain. But when you keep repeating this moment of Pain regularly and convert all your moments into a chant of pain, this becomes “Suffering”.

It is we, ourselves, who is causing “Suffering” rather than the world making us suffer. If we let the moment of pain lie there only and treat each moment with the form in which it comes, there will never be any suffering. And when there will be no “Suffering”, there will never come a state where you will be wanting to call yourself “Depressed”. What can be more better than this? My only request to you is to start enjoying your pain because it is temporary. Make this pain a positive experience by reminding yourself the moments you were enjoying without pain and without noticing it. Notice it now. Stop being a “Sufferer”. At last, do remember that you are the reason behind your “Suffering” and not your boss, organization, family, friends, partner, system, rules etc. Take a deep breathe absorb this thought once and for all in your system.



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