23 April 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Do we even need to discuss about protecting our Planet?

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Yesterday, the world celebrated The Earth Day which in spite of being considered an opportunity to raise awareness among human beings to protect our planet, I am certainly sure that 99% of the people would have ignore thinking about the planet and how they can be a part in making sure that rare of the rarest harm is done to the same. We have become so miserable and shameless that we do not think about how our future generations will survive or even our own future about how are we going to live just after few years. The negligence is just multiplying in our attitude by certain manifolds daily. Since childhood, the first thing that we are taught in school is how to protect our environment and importance of trees and water in our life. The first activity that we are made part of is Tree plantation. Why are then we getting ignorant about this whole environmental situation which is killing us every day?

We are often asked to spend time with nature. Why nature and why not at home? Have you ever thought? It is because we have some kind of a relationship with the nature which we do not even think about or realize in our day to day life. We are working 9 to 14 hours a day. Why? To make sure that we have food on our plate. Where does this food comes from? The different between life and death is our breath. This moment, we are breathing, hence we are alive. Next moment, you stop breathing, you are dead. What are you breathing? Air. Where does it come from? Nature! Our body has certain shape and nature. This is also because our planet is revolving and rotating in a certain way and molding our shape accordingly.

When we stay near nature, we realize what these trees and plants are exhaling, we are inhaling, what we are exhaling, they are inhaling. This relationship can never be abandoned or ignored. It exists and it is the most truthful reality of our life. If you can’t preserve the oldest relationship you have, how do you expect good things happening to you? We are because of this nature and it is our mandatory responsibility to make sure that even if we are not doing any good for it, at least we shouldn’t cause any harm. If we do only this much, the things will start getting better. I am not going to speak about what needs to be done as everyone of us knows. I am just reminding myself and you about how this negligence is going to kill us in very near future. Well, it is already killing us! If you have ever loved your life, start treating this planet the way we treat our mothers with care and love, only then we are liable to call it lovingly as Mother Earth.



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