23 April 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

How reading books change your experience of life...

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People often ask me why I don’t take experiences outside and why do I keep on reading books after books without taking a break. I have tried giving this thought a thought multiple times but every time I ask myself, what I need, my inner voice tells me to start reading another book. The experiences that books are providing me in life can never be experienced in the real life certainly because it is only possible to write in memes to drop everything and go for traveling or making new relationships but the way all of us are trapped in this 9-6 job, we somewhere know that this situation is never going to change. When we have realized that this is what we have to do all our lives without taking a break and die one day, why don’t we think of at least living our ideal life through books?

Every time I am reading a story, I forget where I am sitting, where I am reading, who are around me, what people think about me, what I think about others. I become the story itself and just enjoy the experience which can never be defined in words. If anything, that can bring meditation effect in my life, it’s reading. Right from our childhood, we are taught that reading is the best habit in the world but still people have doubts over it because it needs certain commitment and no one wants to commit with anything in this life. You ask for temporary relationships with anything, people will join you. The moment you tell them that this needs to be done on regular basis, they become sceptical and runs way from there to never meet you again.

The other day, a senior in my office was telling me that reading books is of no good as we have to face the situations as per the situations with our own instincts. I totally agree with this thought. How much you read about how to be good friends or being happy or being positive, it is only when the situation comes that you realize the things read aren’t working fully and you will need to think something yourself. But at least the book readies you to know that a situation like this will come in your life. The non-readers are not even aware of the situations that life is going to throw upon them. You at least know that a certain kind of situation will come in my personal life, professional life, spiritual life etc. You then just keep calm and see how the situation plays with you and you only need one blow to hit it off and win whereas the person who didn’t even know about the situation gets so panicked that he starts behaving crazy and worsen it more than before.

People often ask me which book they should pick to start their reading journey. I would say that pick anything you like by going through the synopsis of the book and at least begin the journey. It is something that will make the whole experience of living this dynamic and unpredictable life joyful and adventurous. It is like being an astrologer and knowing what will come ahead but because things aren’t in your control completely, rather than throwing yourself away and detaching with the moment, you will actually enjoy fighting the tiger ready to pounce upon you. So keeping it very simple, on this World Book Day, I ask you to get a book and just start reading. Life will happen to you in its best form just after you start experiencing each and every word read by you.



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