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Wedding Pickle by Neha Sharma (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

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I have read books based on confusion regarding the topic of marriage that keeps moving in the mind of the protagonist even before but never ever could I relate with the topic because I was a student then. Now that I am already running in my late-20s and this is the only thing that is running as a question around me wherever I go and the kind of dilemma it is, I have been able to relate quite much with the latest book I have completed reading today named “Wedding Pickle” written by the debutante, Neha Sharma. The book is published by Grapevine publications and I am quite delighted to get back with the publisher’s book again as it is being managed by youth and their stories are quite relating.

The writing style of Neha Sharma is wonderful where she knows how to engage the readers as the story that she has chosen to write does not have multiple dimension and is specific only to a phase of the protagonist so there are many chances that the book could get boring or monotonous. But the way she has kept shuffling the conditions and the dilemma in the mind of the protagonist is nicely handled. The characterizations are also nicely handled where you can identify how each of the characters are like. As the story does not have much twists and turns or suspense kind of thrilling plot, the book needed to have simplicity that expressed whatsoever is going in the mind of the characters which author has been able to manage quite candidly and effortlessly.

The story starts directly on the point where this specific character enters in the protagonist’s life as a prospect for marriage and all the confusion starts for her. Her argument with her parents are realistic. Her discussion with friends are also funny where they get irritated with her mood swings regarding the person she is talking with for marriage. The way climax is handled in last 40-50 pages keeping the whole marriage scenes describable and explanatory is also a nice end to the book. Talking about the drawbacks, it would have been great if the book had certain twists and turns and few moments where the readers must have got frustrated reading the decision of the protagonist. Also, there are few typos in the book which could have been corrected with some care. I believe the book is little stretched. It could have been easily 30-40 pages less than what it is. Overall, if you are going through the same phase, you are going to enjoy this story. I am giving this one 3.5* out of 5.



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