25 April 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Are "RESULTS" really in your CONTROL?

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It has been a long time since we are hearing stories about depressed people and victims who are committing suicide without thinking about anything but getting dissolved in sorrowful circumstances because something they wanted to happen did not happen their way. Desiring something to go as per your wish is always the human nature but how much impact or effect it causes to your life should also matter every moment that you live and breathe on this planet. Being logical is always great. Analyzing the effect and reaching to its cause and listening about some way and asking about its ultimate destination is great. This quest has enabled Science to reach places and today humans are researching on almost every possible topic. There is nothing left which is not under scrutiny. Every thing is being normalized and fragmented to reach to its atomic part and even after getting that atom, human is further getting into the concept of sub-atomic particles. That is the level of being logical and practical.

But why does it become so hard for us to accept the result at the end of all that we do not even wish to live further or try something new anymore? Why is it that we start getting depressed and feel inferior to others every now and then? Why is that we do not look back and see the successes we had achieved in situations which we were sure we will not be able to. Why is that we do not want to think positively and pragmatically in these moments when it needs us to be at our strongest arena? Where does our aura goes which was so dynamic until the previous moment? There are so many questions that arises when we think about certain result that did not come as per our expectations and our approach towards accepting it.

Remember something that there are always certain things that are going to be in your control and another major section of things that will never be in your control. The books like “The Secret” talks about the Law of Attraction only to help us understand how we can try bringing those things under control which are actually nowhere under our remote. But the impact of reading any book stays with the reader for next 48 hours maximum and post that he again starts blaming the whole world. Your focus should always be on the activities that are in your control. You should give your life for making sure that things which are under your control happens perfectly to its core and there is nothing left for tomorrow. And you should then sit back and enjoy whatever the result will be. You anyways do not have any control over the result.

The examiner who is checking your paper is not in your control. The interviewer who is going to give your feedback to the HR is again not in your control. The VISA that you are waiting for will reach you on time or not is again not in your control. So why to let yourself get affected by the results that come across which is not in our favour? I see people getting agitated and frustrated on railway platforms finding that their train is not on time and they will be late. They breathe rapidly and keep moving here and there with a face which says it all. If you will just go and poke such person, he will thrash you to death. That is the level of frustration in that being. And for what? For something which is not in his control.

It is in your control to get ready and reach station on time. If you are not being able to do so, your frustration is understandable. But if you have reached on time and now the train is not coming, you actually d o not have any option. Just leave the expectation away once you have done your part of reaching on time. If you really wish tor each somewhere on time particularly, start thinking calmly about another alternative of bus or cab. That will actually change your result rather than getting frustrated and frowning and abusing the whole railway system standing there. This leads to arguments and fights between individuals once they get into the coach too. A little push of someone charges them so much that they are ready to thrash the person.

Similarly, you have control on few things and that should only be your concern in life. If result is opposite, you can only think of fixing few things the next time you are on for something so that everything that is in your control happens as per your wish. If I am driving a car on road, I can only play my part of driving in discipline under my lane without breaking the rules. How others are driving and how the signal systems are playing isn’t in my control. Why should then I get irritated seeing how others are driving. If I can change something about it as a responsible person I should go ahead and try it. But if I am not going to do anything like that, my part is to only drive my car as perfectly as possible and leave the result of what happens to me in traffic on the nature of this existence. If I will get frustrated with how others are driving, I am going to bang someone’s car in front of me without caring what will happen to my car in doing so out of frustration. Every time, you are frustrated, angry or sad and you charge this energy onto someone else, you are the bigger sufferer than the victim of your act.

So please understand that our job is to try as much as possible and put ever possible effort in whatever we do and leave the rest to the nature. If it comes back that means it is what our life needs at the moment. If it does not come back the way we wanted, accept it calmly and happily and think about what can be done now rather than converting that little plight into a long-term depression and something as sinner as suicide. Remember, your soul never dies, only body does. So there is no relaxation even after suicide. In fact the soul gets more disturbed and your next birth is going to be more painful than this. What you do in this moment determines next 1000 years of this planet and you. So please understand that what Bhagawad Geeta says has some meaning behind it- “Karm Kar aur Fal Ki Ichcha Mat Kar”.



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