24 April 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

My Experience of "Inner Engineering" meditation course!!!

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It has been one week since I completed my meditation course last week on this particular day. It was since 2015 that I was looking out for something which can introduce me to the magic of meditation and yoga but before you subscribe to any of such delicate things which can change your life in great dimensions, you must take care that the authority teaching you is enough certified and trustworthy. Listening about the fake godmen these days continuously, it becomes very tough for the common man to select one out of them and go ahead with his teachings without raising his/her fingers on it. I had read around 20-25 books on meditation and only after I got little understand of the concept, I took my decision to go with the “Inner Engineering” course provided by the Isha Yoga Foundation based in Coimbatore and run by Sadhguru who is also known as Jaggi Vasudev.

The 7 days course required me to attend the course from 6 to 9 AM in the morning some 12 kilometers away from my home. This also meant that once the session gets completed at 9 AM, I’ll need to rush to office without wasting even a second. It sounded quite challenging which resisted me from joining the course from last 2 years but I finally took the decision and joined the same. When you take decision about something which is related to your happiness and joy, I believe any challenging situation can be turned into a world of immense possibilities and you get the power of converting these possibilities into realities. I managed to wake up at 4 AM every day to get ready and travel up to the centre. Earlier, I used to wake up comfortably at 7.30 AM and still felt sleepy most of the times in office but during this whole phase, I never felt the same dizziness even once. The course does not allow anyone to enter the hall even if you are a minute late and to my surprise, I always reached the place 10-15 minutes before time.

I would not like to disclose what I am being taught there because it is all about how you take certain things when it is being delivered to you in a certain way where you are meant to be alone and concentrate only about the experience you are having. And when your experience is of such secretive and customized manner, it is better to let everyone enjoy the same as per their understanding and consciousness. A week has passed and I find myself waking up either 4 AM or 4.30 AM every day. There is a silence you experience when you wake up before everyone and over that, if you decide to perform activities that can bring you closer to yourself and let you know about the possibilities lying beneath you, there is a feeling which is indescribable and pleasant up to its zenith.

The effect of the course and doing the asanas and mudras taught by them for last 2 weeks (1 week under training and 1 week at home) is quite visible as I have started observing life more than before. Earlier, I believed watching others’ life is awareness but now I understand that our own life is full of activity which needs to be observed, improved and controlled. I have started to remain calm rather than getting every where in hurry and trying to be first. The best can be observed in the difference of how I drove my car to office earlier and how I drive now. There is certain discipline and stability the way I handle this big moving instrument now. Earlier I used to rash. The meaning of power has changed. Getting the control over my mind feels more powerful now. Earlier it was all about displaying the knowledge of my mind to others.

I would ask each one of you to go through a meditation and yoga course as soon as possible in your life. Understand that anything that India has given to the world which will be remembered for years and for which we, Indians, will always remain superior to others is because of the knowledge of Yoga, Meditation and Life Awareness. If living in India and being an Indian, if we are missing the magic of these tools to improvise life, we are not even living completely. The West is adopting us now where as we have already messed ourselves by implementing their lifestyles. It is the right time to get back to our roots. Remember, if you have control over your mind, there can be no emotion or thought that can touch your mind without your permission. Won’t you like to possess such a power? So please do not live a miserable life anymore and go ahead with life that needs you to perform at best of your capabilities. My best wishes are with you in this journey towards spirituality.



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