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         It has been almost 40 days since I started my first job. The new world that I got introduced with wasn't easy to get adapt with but when I realized to earn money, only this path has to be followed and I'll have to learn the things I am not finding enough interesting, I got into the extreme learning process and the basic fear that I used to have every morning before leaving home went away. Now I go to office with a confidence and attitude of learning, executing and making my employer feel happy about their selection. I remember how happy I was when I got the offer letter. I struggled for some 3.5 weeks after giving my MCA examination and I tell you, it was one of the most challenging period I had to be positive even when I saw no light in the tunnel I was walking in. It gives me goosebumps even now when I think what if the period would not have ended till now. Of Joblessness!   

           In my class of almost 70 students, not more than 15-17 got job. And the same ratio follows in almost every college except the Top 5 where MNCs and Brands come during Placement period. While in our colleges, only 4-5 students get placed through the institution. Rest have to crawl on roads, local trains, lanes, offices and almost in every Mumbai location to find a job for themselves. I do feel a peaceful silence in my life since I have got a job but I can clearly listen the high decibels of tension ringing in my friends' mind as they are yet to be placed somewhere. After working for more than a month, I can understand why the FRESHERS face problem in getting their first job. What wrong have they done to get treated like this? What is our fault if we do not have experience? What is our mistake if we get idiotic job vacancies claiming to recruit FRESHERS with 3 YEARS EXPERIENCE? I mean how is this possible? This might be a joke for you but this is the harsh truth that FRESHERS have to live with daily.

            In our colleges, first of all, we do not have great faculties to teach us the programming languages which are actually important to fetch a job. I am also unable to understand why are there 5 useless subjects which have nothing to do with practical life of job are inserted against just one programming language in every semester for 6 continuous semesters in a Post Graduation degree like MCA. When I joined my office and saw the project that they placed me in, I was shocked to see its vastness and complexity. Even if all the projects my classmates made in all the 3 years would be considered as one, it is still smaller than the one the IT company develops. Why are we not introduced to such systems during our course and have a VIVA upon them? It would be so easy for all of us to understand what kind of projects are actually developed in industry. Similarly, rather than asking us to prepare a random mini-project, modules of such large project should be divided among groups and integrated into a single project in the end which would also teach us how to work in teams within a big team. 

             For the 6 years that I passed in getting two degrees in Computer Applications, not even once a seminar took place which made us know the other profiles we can get in an IT company except development. It is only after I started searching for job and started working, I got to know about profiles like Business Analyst, Software Tester, Software Designer, Database Administrator, Network Support Engineer, Automation Architect, Data Analyst, Application Support Engineer, Security Engineer etc. Who the hell is responsible for guiding students about the different prospects they can get in after passing the course in a particular field and that too like IT? Even the Internship that we do in our last semester is asked to be done only in development even if I am a certified tester or database administrator. Are you fucking kidding me, University? Are you for real? Huh!

            Even if someone wants to get into development, there are so many options from PHP to Java to Android to Dot Net to Python to........ Shouldn't the course like MCA be also converted into specialization like MBA and Engineering? For 2 years, teach all the nonsense that you want and through proper seminars by industry people, make students understand what would be the job opportunities under each option and make them chose a specialization in 3rd year. Same can be done for B.E. students under IT and CS branches. In the 4th year, start teaching practically in lab for the programming language or something else chosen by the student rather than still repeating those useless subjects until the last semester. Stop that. 

         Enough of circulating degrees to students that is useless. People ask for your degree only to keep it with themselves for the number of years they hold you through bond. Every company in interviews are asking for Certifications. Even after spending lakhs and lakhs each year, we still have to spend 50,000 to 3,00,000 for a Certification. That 3 to 6 months course has better value than the 4-6 years that you teach us in the same field of education because their teaching approach is to develop students professionally and technically rather than giving them only good percentage. The job that I have fetched is only because of 3 months education I had at Seed Infotech. The whole college life seems to be a waste even when I am being called Master in Computer Applications. 

         This scenario have lead into companies exploiting Freshers by asking them to fill bond of 2 years with just 5000-8000 salary. Some are even asking to pay a security deposit of up to 50,000-1,00,000. And rest I have told you above, few end up asking for FRESHERS but with EXPERIENCE. I hope our education system takes this seriously rather than just earning from the growing number of students each year but getting some industrial trainers compulsorily with proper subjects that are actually useful in job. I hope the GOD of JOBS, if there is one, does something. Kaale Megha Kaale Megha Paani Toh Barsaao!!!! 

        My heart goes to all my fellow classmates who are still searching for job and facing these foolishness. In the end, I would also like to add that we are not even taught how to fill up the profile on job searching websites like Naukri, Monster, Timesjob, Shine etc. Some friends call me even for that. And we are dreaming of becoming Super Power with the help of youths in this decade itself. God Bless India! Hope unemployment does not become as big problem as corruption. What would you expect when our HRD minister is herself 12th std pass? It's better for me to stop writing rather than cribbing about hundred facts that is improper and enemy of students. 



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This is true for all streams.....not just for IT.

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NIce post dude
Hope one of our faculty read this
However Any suggestions for (TYMCA students are welcomed :)

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