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Review: Hero: It's a straight Zero!!! 0

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HERO: 0/5

     What made me watch "Hero" this weekend? Just that one video featuring Salman Khan in the promos singing the title track of the movie. And this is the basic plan of Salman to drag audiences to theater through this one video and generate exactly the amount spent on this movie. I remember reading an interview of his in which he says that Sooraj Pancholi will replace him in Bollywood. Bhai, are you serious? First of all, no one can replace you and even if you wanted to name someone, you could have named anyone but Sooraj? Yes, I agree that the guy looks cool with a very nice physique and a great attitude he carries with himself but that's exactly what every newcomer male actor has in himself. What's great in Sooraj that you think audiences will forget all the actors and vote for him? Sorry, but your child isn't worthy enough to be the main lead in a movie that promotes heroism. Tiger Shroff did far better last year with Heropanti.   

              Similarly, talking about Athiya Shetty, someone said it rightly on Twitter that if she would not have been a star kid, we must have found her selling sim cards for Rs. 50 under a big umbrella. Again comparing her with Kriti Sanon, the debutante last year, she stands nowhere. Either in acting, aura, beauty or dancing. She is a complete Zero and only Salman Bhai who is known for having big heart can invest in such people. This movie is a remake of Subhash Ghai and Jackie Shroff's landmark film "Hero" made somewhere around 1980. Isn't it great that our Bollywood believes in remaking such an old movie with the same plot in 2015 when people reject even modern love stories? Not every movie can be Aashiqui 2 and earn 85 crores and also affection of 50% youngsters. That film was something else. It was a musical romance which touched youngsters. But this movie doesn't even have great songs. And love scenes, just don't make me write about them.

            Nikhil Advani have directed this movie so bad that you won't believe what's happening. The obvious things are ignored and the plot keeps getting weakened every 5 minutes and you want to kill yourself when a new character gets introduced almost when you start assuming that girl's father will agree for the relationship. The other characters are treated so badly that they are just in movie because a whole 2 hours thing can't be made with 2 people standing in each other's arms. The screenplay is so weak that start getting frustrated how the film transfers from one scene to another. Unbelievably bad and silly. The dialogues of this movie are the easiest thing I have seen in my life. Just one for all of you- When Sooraj Pancholi enters to crack bones of some villains, their boss says to him,"Hero ki tarah entry maarta hai.. Hero hai kya?" Just imagine! I better give this movie 0 and leave from him rather than cribbing more about it. Go at your own risk. 



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