21 September 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Katti Batti: Better to do Katti with this movie !!! *½

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      Kangana Ranaut has become a brand after doing an epic blockbuster- Queen and then a totally different movie, Revolver Rani, which didn't do quite well. And then this year with Tanu weds Manu Returns, she assured that she can bring audiences to theater by her presence. Just after this blockbuster of 2015, came the trailer of Katti Batti which showed Kangana in an avatar of a cribbing partner. With great fame and name, comes expectations and hope of consistency. Katti Batti proved to be such a bad movie that it might take little time for Kangana to understand what went wrong. On the name of performances, there was no one whom you can blame for spoiling the movie. Even Imran Khan, whom I do not like a bit as an actor, surprised with a balanced performance though he still manages to keep a straight face in the scenes which asks for great emotions. But then, acting is a skill and not talent you are born with. Imran should understand it now.
          The screenplay of the movie is so bad that you just want someone in theater who can fast forward it so that the crap finishes soon. The story is spoken in flashbacks and rather than generating any kind of craze in you, it actually shocks you that for these stupid moments and incidents, director is making us go again and again in the past of the protagonists. There's nothing interesting through out the movie. Yes, Kangana looks extremely beautiful in few scenes and that's the only point which holds you throughout. Even songs couldn't manage to keep you intrigued as they aren't as catchy as they looked during promos. Because this movie had Kangana, you expected more of her but she seems to be coming in between just to make you smile that she is in the movie. That's one of the biggest minus point. If the name on which you sell the movie is not as much as audience's expectation, you can definitely not entertain them.

           The last 10-15 minutes of the movie are really emotional and Kangana and Imran, both in the respective order, shows a great acting and it becomes hard to hold your tears. But just 10-15 minutes of good climax can not fetch you the vote when you have bored the audience for whole 2 hours. I give this movie 1.5 stars. Direction is too bad and I hope next time this self-acclaimed big director comes with a movie, there is some substance into it rather than only reel of 2 hours unfolding in front of an audience only to make them frustrated towards yourself. 



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