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Review: Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon: Kapil Sharma's confidence as an actor is watchable!!! **½

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       I am just out after watching Comedy Nights with Kapil.. Oops.. Sorry.. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, the debut movie of the most successful stand-up comedian of India. I, personally, didn't expect much from the movie because whenever a comedian ends up acting in a comedy movie as a lead actor, it ends up being the most idiotic and silliest movie of that year. But the case of Kapil Sharma has been little different. He became superstar with his show on Colors 2 years back but the continuous run of the same resulted in monotony and the show is not special anymore. Kapil Sharma didn't even close the season for a month or a quarter before the release of the movie to create some curiosity among the audience to watch him again on the big screen. Now it's like even if you will miss the movie, you know he will be back on Sunday with Akshay Kumar on Comedy Nights with Kapil. But, this has also been an advantage for him because as an audience when I was watching the movie, whenever I found him cracking some great punches, I was happy that at least the guy is in touch even if he is unable to create the same laughter of Comedy Nights anymore.  

           Now, as I spent the last paragraph in explaining how Kapil's case with a movie is different from other comedians but frankly speaking, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon in definitely watchable. Yes! You might not find it a laugh riot but it's a movie which Kapil really took seriously and didn't end up overacting as I was expecting. He did perform like a humble actor who did whatever his great directors, Abbas-mustan, asked him to do. Right from the first scene to the last, the actor looks confident in each scene and knows how to carry it with his image in audience's mind. He haven't pretended in any scene. We get to watch a real Kapil Sharma who is wanting to make his fans laugh even through a movie after a comedy show where he shares space with 8-10 other artists too.

           The 3 actresses have also does good job specially Manjari. Elli have also performed very well and she really looked beautiful and hot in the movie. The two songs in which she have performed great numbers are worth watching and she looks epic in Bam Bam song. Jamie Lever, daughter of Johny Lever, also played a good part as a servant and assured to make the audience laugh with her great comic timing and expressions. Arbaaz Khan is also innocent in his part and plays the role perfectly. In all, this movie does not disappoint in terms of performances. Varun Sharma is also hilarious and plays the supporting role well. And Director should be applauded that he didn't make anyone do any extra bit that was out of their league. He used people according to their talents and skills and placed them perfectly. Songs are also nice specially "Samandar main Kinara Tu".

            The screenplay of the movie is so perfect that not once will you find how did we reach to this scene just after the last one which was a totally different plot. This was understood by the trailer itself that the movie is not going to have something different as this concept is been played in many movies including Garam Masala. But the newness and freshness that the script brings with the punches and different scenes does not bore you throughout. Even in the emotional scenes, Kapil Sharma carries himself well which impresses you. I am surely going to watch his 2nd movie too. This is what the guy have done with his debut work. I give the movie 2.5 stars out of 5 for the genuine efforts from Kapil and an average performance by the directors considering that their name brings great expectations too. :-) 



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