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How I realized the importance of TEACHERS :-)

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         I know I'm little late but for good things, better late than never, isn't it? I would like to wish all the genuine teachers a Very Happy Belated Teacher's Day. How beautiful it is to celebrate such days than Valentine's Day or Friendship Day. In my career, I have been both- good and bad student to different teachers respectively. I have always liked to maintain either complete white or complete black relationship with respective teachers. Every time I achieve something in life, either big or small, I remember the teachers who are indirectly associated with that achievement. Not every teacher but few teachers either teach you that particular topic so nicely that it stays in your mind forever which helps you on that D-day or they say you something very positive or negative that triggers you to go out of your comfort zone and do and learn things you would have never imagined to achieve.

          When it is said that teacher defines the whole next generation, it is perfectly correct. They do. We do not understand this quote when we are in school but now when I feel about my whole educational life, I feel the importance of few teachers in my life because of whom I have been able to become whatever I am. A relationship between teacher and student becomes more stronger once they stop being in a routine with each other and the students pass out from the institution. When we move towards the next stage of our lives, all the true words that the previous teachers told us starts becoming true is when we realize what they actually meant to say. This is why I believe that students should always remain in contact with the teachers they believe changed their lives. They are next to God because if they won't tell us who is God and what he does, we would never come to know even the existence and power of the almighty. Isn't it?

           I was once thinking and it was when I realized what teachers are capable of. Their effort is present but we may not feel it. We only feel it when it is absent from our lives. Whenever we are asked to go for a part time course, how difficult it becomes for us to take that decision because the first thought that passes our mind is- How the hell will I learn things? But whenever we get the privilege of getting learnt by a Guru, we end up calling them by their names behind them or abusing them for making us do useless assignments or tasks. I would like to share an instance that I observed that surprised me which made me understand the effect of teachers in our lives even if we believe or not in their efforts towards our growth.

           When I entered Bharati Vidyapeeth for BCA course in 2009, I had this super-senior named Punit in 3rd year and a senior in 2nd year named Sharon. While they were rockstars in this college whenever any extra-curricular activities took place, I believed that it's just because in this set of batch, they are the most extroverts or confident among all. Then years passed and I joined my Post-Graduation college for MCA course in Sterling college. Again, I found both these guys in my college as my seniors. On my first Teacher's Day, I found all the teachers taking name of Punit either as their favorite student or the naughtiest. The guy was enough popular in the class which made everyone scream whenever he entered or went at stage to accept little token from teachers whoever mentioned him as their favorite. 

           Then he passed out from our college and I saw Sharon entering his 3rd year while I entered by 2nd and I found another juniors from Bharati Vidyapeeth- Asit Chaurasia and Shreedhar joining our college. By this time, I saw Sharon leading his batch's sports team and also organizing all the events and being the main co-ordinator without whom, half of his class won't know how to proceed with the already ongoing set up. He was of that importance whenever any function happened in our college. As their internship days came closer, they got busy, and we, 2nd year students, had to start organizing events and delivering things. My another classmates who joined BCA with me took lead with me co-incidentally. Vandana and I hosted 5 events in our college where we also ended up giving ideas regarding the events. Another classmate, Prasad, is the only person known for photography of events throughout the tenure who also was with me in BVP for graduation. 

            By the time, our internship days started coming closer, I found Asit Chaurasia organizing events for his class and college by taking lead and coordinating almost everything. I found Shreedhar making videos for presentations and leading that department. Now this couldn't be just a coincident that in each batch for 4 years continuously, only the pupil who did their Graduation from Bharati Vidyapeeth took the lead in this new college. Why didn't any other student match up with all of us from our batches? It is definitely the power, confidence and leadership qualities that Bharati Vidyapeeth imbibed in us without even letting us know. We may not accept that in ego but the case study have said it all, isn't it? Haha! That's how teachers develop us and help us in making whatever little or big we are in life. We should always be grateful of all of them who literally showed interest in improving us whenever we went wrong. I, again, wish all my teachers a very Happy Teacher's Day and I hope all of you will stand for me whenever I would be needing advice in my life at any point of time. :-)

 Thanks a lot.


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Sharon said...

A great post bro. Now am thinking about the things you have written. BVP taught us many things..am am thankful to all our teachers for that!! :)

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