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Review: Welcome Back: Please Go Back!!! **½

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     The moment I came to know about the star cast of Welcome Back before it went on floors, I was disappointed. You can't imagine any sequel of comedy movie which had Akshay Kumar in it with some other actor. And that too with John Abraham, absolutely NO. It's just because of the presence of the on screen brother- Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar that families would still go to watch this movie but it has very less of what the first part, Welcome, had. That movie was made innocently which was visible in each and every frame of it. I really had a blast watching it 7-8 years ago. After watching, Welcome Back, I am sad with the makers for ruining it this badly. Two to three bad scenes can be digested but a pure nonsense and no humor in its second part has really shocked me. It only shows how limited is the creativity and humor in the writer's pen and maker's IQ.      

             The first half is at the right place. As the characters keep getting introduced every ten minutes, it makes you giggle every time with some funny dialogue or situation. The brother duo also makes you laugh with their nonsense conversation. Even the entry of John Abraham is solid and that Twenty Twenty item song's lyrics also made me laugh like an idiot on my seat. The entry of Paresh Rawal beating his wife with a stick or hiding an extra-affair she had before marrying him is also a moment of laughter for audience. The action scene when John Abraham beats the goons of Anil Kapoor-Nana Patekar is a wonderful and great moment to watch even when it happens in a comedy movie. John Abraham have actually done an incredible work in this movie. 

             Except him, only Nana and Kapoor have managed to maintain the momentum of the first part, Welcome. Otherwise, there is nothing great from any actor in this movie. Shruti Hassan's dialogue delivery is surprisingly so bad that you want her to stay shut through out the movie just like she didn't speak for first 10 minutes in the movie when she was acting dumb and deaf. The entry of Nasseruddin Shah and Shiney Ahuja makes the movie more worst than it could have ever been. Not a single funny dialogue from both these characters and they limit the performances of other actors too as there's not much in script after their entry. It's only stretched. You only end up missing Akshay Kumar throughout the movie and surprisingly, this time Katrina too. Just imagine now. I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5. Watch it only for its first half and leave the theater in interval with your samosa.



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