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Public statement of the author
     “Telling the truth is a revolutionary act which often demands a price.”- George Orwell. We live in a democratic and liberal country but freedom of speech often trampled in the name of protecting religious sensibilities. Public life for artists in India is tied up with so many harass consequences and sometimes it demands a heavy price.Books are the source of enlightenment, guidance, knowledge, entertainment and entering into new lives. But writing a daring and very bold book always has hidden consequences. This is what happened with Satyapal Chandra’s recent novel WHEN HEAVEN FALLS DOWN. 

           Few fundamentalists have protested against him, demand a ban on his book and put a price on his head. And then recently his house was attacked at midnight, and vulgar posters were affixed all threatening him to kill very soon. And for his safety he needed to go around to police for protection.As I finished reading his novel When Heaven Falls Down, I was spellbound by the quality of content which were so powerful, excoriating and exhaustive in nature. I was in love with the unique and innovative narration of the story. It was a deep and rational comment on Indian health care system, medical negligence, Religious conflagrations, prostitution, corruption in education and degrading situation of women and many other aspects. It was an emotional read which taught me about the hidden secrets of society.The protest and attack is so painful to bear. 

FIR lodged in the name of author
       The Constitution of India under Article 19(1) (a) gives the fundamental right to Freedom of Speech and Expression that you can openly share what you feel. It is not against the real culprits but the one who flashed light on their deeds. His only fault is he is transparent enough with his words to let us see the reality from his eyes? Who are they to give death threats to someone? Just because he, in harsh but true way, showed what happens in communal riots? Just because he made us realize that naked world of religious leader where many like of Asharam, Nityanad and countless Maulvi repeatedly rape and harass woman in the name of god. Just because he made us guilty of judging the prostitutes without knowing their real mental trauma which usually the go through. Just because he tore the covers of Indian health care system to show us what happens inside? Or just because he showed what true love is, irrespective of caste, creed and religion and how the concocted term like Love-Jihad is getting used for political benefit?

             Neither any movie nor any novel ever want to be anti religious rather they aim to expose the wrong doings. In 21st century we need to broaden our mind and outlook and decide what is right and what is wrong. Its high time if we want change and do some thing good rather than protesting or burning effigy. We should oppose to those people who are the real cause of any misdeed. Not only this but I have a set of questions for you people too! How long will we tolerate tortures on artists like him? Are we so weak to accept the reality?

 Think about it.



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