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Chanakya in You by Radhakrishnan Pillai (Book Review- 3*/5) !!!

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      I have all the three books of Radhakrishnan Pillai in my shelf but never got time to read any of them even when I wanted to read them desperately. Finally, I have started reading from the latest book he have written named "Chanakya in You". The book 's tagline says that it carries adventures of a modern kingmaker. I was very excited for the book as I love reading management and leadership related books but after reading the book, I am quite disappointed as it has turned out to be an average and mediocre stuff. I had assumed it would carry many learning of Chanakya and how it's relevant and applicable in today's world but what author presented is how one can apply it in his life by changing his lifestyle.      

              The writing style of the bestseller author is very easy which can be read by anyone who knows how to read English. It's that simple. The intention of author is very pure and conventional that he wants to spread his knowledge among everyone whoever has access to buying books and reading them. He wants everyone to be proud of being Indian as it's in our country where spirituality can be attained in its purest form. He wants everyone to seek the wisdom of Arthashastra and that's what he keeps reminding in almost every page. Book starts with a wonderful tone and you wish if it carried something like The Monk who sold his Ferrari where the plot waits at a particular location and the knowledge is given in abundant. But the fictional representation of the story made Mr. Pillai move from one plot to another so fast that you are unable to find yourself in the book or Chanakya in you. 

            Yes, there are indeed few learning in the book but that's the problem. A book of almost 250-pages shouldn't have had only few learning but something out of which I could have made notes for my future reference. Author only manages to tell why to study Arthashastra whereas a reader's expectation is to know about how it could have been applied in today's world of corporate and leadership. There is no doubt that author has abundant knowledge about the same but may be he couldn't present it properly. He ended up writing few things about his own life and what he wishes his own life to be. The book is filled only with positivism rather than explaining how to fight when a man gets trapped in trouble. In all, Chanakya in You is a mediocre book to which I'll give 3 stars out of 5. 



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