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Exit Interview by Amrita Mukherjee (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

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      Though I have not read many books published by Rupa Publications but I always stay curious for their new work and keep myself updated to it. I had Amrita Mukherjee's debut book "Exit Interview" in my hands since long but had to wait because of my Internship and final examinations. It is the first book that I have read completely after my examination and I must say, what a start to my vacations. :-) Seeing the cover page of the book, I was not quite impressed as I found it quite girlish and therefore thought it might be a boring stuff. But it is rightly said,"Never judge a book by its cover". But kya karein, bikta toh sub packaging se hi hai :-) After completing this book, I am happy that I read it as it's among one of the best debut work by a female author in pulp fiction genre. 

            Amrita Mukherjee's language is very fluid because of which this book serves as a wonderful read and you will be unable to keep it aside once you pick it up. So beware, do not read it while traveling as you might not prefer getting at your stop because it will pause your reading experience. :-) The characterizations of Amrita are powerful which makes them stay in your mind even after the book is over. Rasha is carved so beautifully that you fall in love even before Arun does. Haha! The flashback story in college is also nicely set which makes the book little more better than it is. The thrilling kind of feel given by the author in the second half through the prologue is also a nice turn given to this story. 

             Through this book, Amrita have tried to reveal many facts but made sure that it isn't preachy at all. She discusses about the challenges in journalism field and how bosses enjoy all the success while the real journalist behind the stories slog for a simple appraisal every day. She also tells about exploitation in the field. She discusses Kolkata and Dubai in detail and makes sure she does not insult her country even if comparing it with a developed one. 

            I liked the book since arrival of Ankita in the company in the midst of cold war between Sabrina and Rasha. That whole part is so well-managed by the authoress that "Exit Interview" gets into my favorite list. I just felt that the book could have been little shorter as I felt author over-describing even small scenes which weren't much relevant with the real plot. 270 pages could have been enough. The first trip to Egypt with Arun is stretched like anything which urges you with every sentence to skip few pages. Similarly, the climax is also stretched even though I liked how she have set her plot in a real world situation. Over all, Exit Interview is an amazing read and considering it as a work of a debutante, it is gold. I give it 4.25* out of 5. 



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