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Soumyadeep Koley: "Book involved several months of tireless research" (Interview) !!!

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Soumyadeep Koley's debut novel- Her Resurrection has not been released yet and we got a wonderful opportunity to interview him. He believes in giving short answers and therefore, you will like reading this interview. 

Hello Soumyadeep, how has been life after becoming a writer? What changes do you find around you?

Since my book hasn't yet released officially, the change is still subtle at this moment.

Tell us something about your debut novel, HER RESURRECTION.

The book is about a woman with a backbone of steel and heart of gold, forged from the flames of hell.

We have heard that you have been part of fighting for elimination of crime against women. Tell us something about that.

To be honest, as of yet, I have hardly done anything substantial to eliminate crime against women. But what I can share is I have counseled survivors from different parts of India and abroad, and put forward my efforts through unique mystical and metaphysical techniques to ease their pain and trauma.

Wasn’t it hard for you to write few scenes that are very violent and criminal?

I believe it's the duty of an author to portray life as realistically as possible. Else, literature becomes superfluous. Of course penning down some scenes was difficult and needed a whole lot of research and experience. But what’s more difficult was listening to the first-hand experiences of such viciousness from survivors themselves, and still maintaining a professional aura during counselling.

What research did you went through before writing a book on such a topic which needs thorough research and surveys?

Writing the book involved several months of tireless research. I traveled a lot for two years, read a lot, heard a lot of heartbreaking stories directly from survivors.

How has been your association with Gargi Publishers till now? How did you come to know about them?

I came to know about Gargi Publishers by virtue of their strong social presence in different platforms. Till now, experience with Gargi Publishers is wonderful. Mr. Pulkit Gupta is professional, and a very nice person to work with.

Tell us something about your next work. 

It’s still in the conceptualizing phase, and will go through many reincarnations, before I come up with something notable to share. Shedding some light on its theme, I can say it would be a serious and social one.

Where do you see yourself as a writer after 5 years from now?

I aspire to reach out to more and more readers to convey my messages, while entertaining them, and also enlightening them at the same time. Five years from now, I hope to count my success with the number of smiles I’d put on faces.

Any words for your readers who are reading and liking your book. 

First of all, it’s my great honour that you’ve chosen to read my book, because without you, an author is incomplete. 

How much the world might be wreathed in depravity, it’s  still a beautiful place to live in, because of people who love, who care. The world doesn’t need to be saved. It just needs to be loved. Be the one who loves, who cares.

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