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Her Resurrection by Soumyadeep Koley (Book Review-3.25*/5) !!!

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         I am just done reading 2nd book in continuity that's been released by Gargi Publication. I am happy to find that both of their new releases have been above average- something that you find less in books released by self-publishing mediums. Soumyadeep Koley, a debutante, have written a challenging book named "Her Resurrection" which carries the tagline- "A Survivor's journey of Emancipation, Reclamation and Redemption". It was very obvious by the cover page and synopsis that it's a tale of a girl who must have been raped and how she coped with it in her future life. It actually appeared to be the same what was predicted. But the way author have handled the whole story shows how clean his approach has been towards how women are treated in India and he makes sure that he chose right words to describe their plight. 
             Soumyadeep Koley's writing style is simple- neither very good nor bad. It's written so that people of any age can read it easily. The words that he chose to describe few scenes impressed me a lot. He didn't philosophized the situations as many authors tend to do when they speak about depressing story of victims. He just wanted to speak a story that looks real and practical but yet delivers a big message to all the girls who find themselves held by society's opinion of themselves. Any girl who must have gone through violence, rape or molestation will find a motivation through this tale. This book could have become boring considering its main plot but author have beautifully managed the interest of his readers even when it goes for almost 260 pages. Amazing!

            Her Resurrection is a typical victim's story in the beginning and the time until Maya is trapped in the brothel. Few scenes regarding initial eve-teasing, gang-rape and experience in brothel makes you enough angry to go and beat the shit out of boys making girls suffer almost daily in their lives. Those scenes are terrifically written and lets you understand the emotions of girls who are victim to these gender inequality issue happening in almost every country. Though I feel that the author could have undergone more research before writing this book but still as a debut work, it's quite insightful. 

          The real fun in reading begins when the protagonist reaches Rajasthan. Author have given this story a different range since then. Though I felt that few co-incidences mentioned in the book about how she bangs into people she left behind all of a sudden are unimpressive and naive. The anti-climax is little dramatic which could have been avoided but still, the book holds emotional value and therefore, I give it 3.25* out of 5. Do gift it to someone whom you know have suffered something like this. And to author, my request would be to write a fun novel next time and show us another dimension to his writing. :-)



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