8 February 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Whom do you LOVE more- FRIENDS or WHATSAPP? Decide!

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          A friend of mine was about to meet me after 6 years at my home. I was very excited. I asked my mom to cook best dishes possible because someone is coming to meet me specially and that too from a different city. This cannot happen without love or a soft corner. I cancelled even few plans of mine that were scheduled for those 2 days. I went to station and picked him up. We hugged each other like long lost brothers and after we reached home, the first thing he asked was a charger. I searched for the charger he demanded and gave it to him. He inserted it into his mobile's port and said it's working fine and thanked me. I, obviously, said him not to thank and mocked angry expression. He smiled and said,"You haven't changed". Yes, for good friends, a person can never change in spite of whatever position he reaches or whatever status he possesses. They remain the same. I was/am no different though there's no achievements. Haha!

        We had the lunch together and discussed about his current life. As soon as the lunch got over, he went and picked up his mobile phone which was enough charged by now. While we were already having a conversation, he started typing a message to someone. I kept speaking considering that he was listening. In the middle of the conversation, I asked him something and he completely blanked out. He said sorry and asked me to repeat as he was replying to few people who were concerned about his journey. So it was necessary to tell them about the latest update that hereached my home safely.

           I smiled and let the feeling of being ignored go away. Otherwise I would have hated the friend at the moment itself. We again resumed conversation while he kept checking his Whatsapp yet again and again. In the middle of something that I was speaking, he laughed out loud and said,"Just hear this joke" and started narrating a joke that I have already deleted 15 times from my Whatsapp conversations. Now I felt terrible that he was actually reading a joke and not listening to what I was trying to tell him. I then shut my mouth and sat there silently. He himself said,"Yaa continue what you were telling me". I thought may be he is interested and again forgave him.

           Again, while I was speaking, he picked up a call and started talking with the person without even asking me to excuse him. I was devastated by now. He even left the room. When he returned back, with a wide smile and no regret, he said,"He is my classmate. A wonderful guy." That was almost after 40 minutes of talking to him. This guy who comes to meet me after 6 years for just 36 hours is more interested in spending 40 minutes by talking to someone with whom he has already spent 2 years and will be back with him from the next day on wards. 

           For the rest of the day he continued typing and chatting with the people he had left behind in the city he came from. I had planned to bunk my college next day for him even when I had a presentation. I dropped the plan and next morning, told him I would be going to college as it's very important and would not be able to drop him to station. He immediately said,"Hey can't you bunk your college for a day for me?" I shamelessly and bluntly replied,"No. Not for someone who is busy in his mobile for almost every minute since he entered my home." His smile and confidence dropped. This time I smiled and felt better ignoring someone who didn't care till then. 

            Why is peeping into the mobile screen so important for youth these days? Why is the real person sitting in front is avoided so badly for someone who is sitting kilometers away? When a person stays with a group, he is in mobile talking to friends of some other place. Finally, he goes to meet those friends. After 5 minutes of Hi and Hello, he again goes into his mobile for talking with friends that he has just left behind. Why is one interested in the person who's available through mobile and not with one who's trying to spend a quality time with you? After all this, there's not even a bit of courtesy left to even excuse while picking up a call or reading an important mail loudly. How bad it feels to a person whom you are continuously ignoring even when he has left his important chores just to spend those few hours with you. 

           It is good to follow your updates and be in touch with people but not at the cost of the real people in your life. Today we hear how parents and child do not communicate as children are always in their world of Whatsapping and Facebooking. I have seen in malls how a group of 4-5 friends are sitting together and all are busy in their mobile phones. None of them are interested in chatting with each other. I feel pity for such people. They are losing so much in life. Whenever I and my friends have night-outs at my home, there's a rule that all the mobiles will get into my drawer once the process begins. All can talk to their mummy once they reach my place and inform they are safe. I also disconnect TV and hide my laptop. It's a pure non-technology-oriented night outs. We play carrom, cards, laugh, talk, shout, dance etc but never watch a movie or surf Internet. The committed boys are told to explain their possessive girlfriends about the rule. Let them hate me but a precious night can't be wasted by making all the boys talk to their respective girls and grin at each other while interpreting what the other one is exactly talking with his girlfriend. :|

          It's okay to have mobile in your hands or in your face when you are standing alone at bus-stands, metro/local stations, sitting in a bus, waiting for someone etc. But as soon as you get a company, you should edit your online status to BUSY and give all the time to this person who is spending a segment of his life with you. I used to be one among this section of people always tweeting and never concentrating in the group I used to be sitting with. Friends often complained. I never bothered. After I left Graduation college, I realized how much I missed my friends later on. Then I took a big decision and stopped activating Internet on my Prepaid card. Motive:- Let the addiction of Twitter go away. Now, I do have Internet on my phone, I do have Whatsapp but I make sure I do not join a group. I leave as soon as I am added. I will make a conference call if necessary. I will go and meet and plan a re-union if needed. But I cannot lose the real people in my life for the ones sitting kilometers away. Do understand this if you love Whatsapp groups and Facebook Messenger's pings. You do not know how much you are hurting people around you and ignoring the quality time God is allowing you to have. DO UNDERSTAND!!! That's all.



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