5 February 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

AIB Knockout: Unacceptable, Pretentious, Humiliating, SHAMEFUL!

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        Well, I would not deny that I was from one among the first people to watch AIB Knockout videos that were published on Youtube. I didn't know the level of the stuffs spoken at the show as I told you I was among the first lot of viewers. But when the show was shot, I had heard that they cracked some offensive jokes on Arpita Khan, sister of Salman Khan. Before clicking on the videos, I thought they must have censored the abuses as it is been done on the shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla regularly. But I was surprised to find that almost all the abuses that we hurl in our friend circle is posted publicly. And seeing Bollywood personalities also greeting almost everyone with abuses was quite surprising as generally they talk about how they make sure their fans do not learn anything wrong through them. I did laugh on few jokes while watching it because only few jokes were worth laughing; rest were just repetitive and forcibly added in the script.

           I am surely one among many boys who don't think twice before abusing. But I surely make sure that I do not utter anything even hurtful when I am with someone new or join a new place. Yes, all of us in the world knows almost all the abuses that are spoken between friends but that does not mean we update Facebook statuses almost everyday in abusive and vulgar language. Almost every group of boys talk about girls but that does not mean we write it off on our walls and make fun of the same. Do you think the girls would take our jokes positively and sportingly? Even I would not, as a boy. It can lead anyone into depression. Though AIB fans say in defense that it's called "laughing on ourselves". Cool, that means if I speak the same way they were talking to Aditi Mittal about their sisters, they will take it sportingly. Not possible at least for next 50 years. There's still some shame and line maintained in our generation too.

          Even I have girls in my group but I don't remember even if any joke has been made on their figure or they have been treated abusively. I do not know what AIB guys were trying to prove that day. Karan Johar was talking about his sexuality on that particular day as if someone had given him an offer to speak about it. Come on, man. How many times have you talked about your sexuality on Twitter publicly? It was clearly evident that Arjun Kapoor was abusing for no reasons and only to become hero by doing that. What kind of heroism is that? Ranveer Singh was okay with jokes made on how he is a sex offender and lay down with almost every woman possible. He was trying to prove how macho he is in real life. And then these celebrities talk about how they don't want to do scenes that can give wrong message to their fans. Crap!

          Deepika Padukone showed how sensitive she was for the pictures that TOI posted of her cleavage. But when the jokes about the same was made there on the stage, she was laughing heartily sitting in the first row itself. Double standards. Karan Johar talked about his sex position, abused as much as he wanted and also used abusive words that are used for reproductive organs while his mother was sitting in the first row. I do not know any in my vast social circle who talks in this manner with their mother or even in their presence. We don't even talk those stuffs with the girls in our group. Some people did find all this great because they might be wishing society to become advanced after watching this so that they will not have to hide their real faces every time they are at home. 

            If AIB guys must have made this video with four of them and abused each other continuously for 8 long hours and released it online, I would have understood because we know four of them have a great bonding and it's normal for friends to talk like that. I am only critical because I found this whole Knockout thing an unwanted attempt. Many in the panel must have met each other for the first time. And the way they were throwing dirty one-liners at each other was too fake to digest and find it genuine. The videos were trying to say that the first day in college when you enter the classroom, you can easily greet every new students like "Hi F*****s!!". And you can say it to any particular girl that no matter what you do for the next 4 years, you are so unattractive that I will never imagine you while masturbating in loneliness. Is this acceptable? No. At least, not for me. 

            I do not know if India has lost itself overnight or something and my thoughts and ideologies are 18th century things suddenly but it's just not us. Even they were themselves not what they actually are. I have met Raghu Ram. I have conversed with Rajeev Masand. I didn't hear a single cuss words from them. Raghu has regularly said that he is not what he tries to be on Roadies. Similarly, he is not even this what he was at AIB's show. I can still say that everything was fine but what they said about Parineeti Chopra was something I felt so awkward, bad, humiliated and sad that I wanted to slap all these stars for allowing something like this to happen. Even Raghu made faces at that point of them. It was that vulgar and unacceptable. Then these same people talk about how women are unsafe, objectified and disrespected in this society. 

            I understand Freedom of Speech. I know it should not be banned. But I have problem with their thinking of even creating and doing something like this and releasing it online. I have seen leaked videos of Hrithik Roshan saying Motherf***** and MS Dhoni abusing but I didn't protest against them. Because they did it in their friend circle which unknowingly got leaked on line. But if you are releasing something like this for viewers to watch, you are adding your contribution in ruining this society and making it tougher for women. Because now guys will easily say "when superstars like this can take the joke, why can't you?" every time a girl will protest insult, humiliation, snub and eve-teasing. My only criticisms towards this stuff by AIB are:
  • It's forcibly done even when these guys are themselves not what they projected themselves to be. 
  • Jokes are meant to be taken sportingly but witnessing the insult of any woman is as criminal as insulting her. I didn't like what they said about Parineeti.
  • And almost everyone sitting there proved their double standards. Sonakshi Sinha has blocked me on Twitter 2 years back when I asked her,"Have you kissed Salman Khan?" Here, she had no problem with all those stuffs. 

             That's all I had to say. Sorry if anyone felt I have overdone. 



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Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you've said.Joking about oneself is not the same as using abuses or filthy language.


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