7 February 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Shamitabh: A failed tribute to BACHCHAN's VOICE!!! **½

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       Shamitabh is R Balki's 3rd film after Cheeni Kum and Paa. Both the movies had got mixed reviews and same will be the case with Shamitabh. Balki has been an ad-director from a long time. And that shows well in this movie. You will find the first movie in which this character of Shamitabh works named "Lifebuoy". Yes, I am right. Amazon is also the point of conversation more than once. Seven Hills hospital is also promoted in the end. Surprisingly, the unique plot which Balki promises doesn't get as much importance as these brands in the movie.

       Balki uses Amitabh Bachchan's voice and Dhanush's acting skills and develops a mixture named Shamitabh which will help Dhanush become a Bollywood superstar as he is dumb in the movie. Also, Amitabh Bachchan is shown as an old man who came in Mumbai 40 years ago to become an actor just like Dhanush but fails. When offered, even he wants to take a sort-of revenge from the film fraternity. But that passion isn't shown later at any point in the movie. The drunk scenes of Big B are wonderful initially but it becomes repetitive and irritating with time. You want to come out of that cemetery soon because of the boredom it creates few scenes.

         Dhanush does a wonderful work. We do not get to hear his own voice in the movie and you can imagine how hard it would have been to enact Amitabh Bachchan's baritone throughout. He has surely improved a lot since Ranjhanaa. Amitabh Bachchan, as always, makes sure that whenever he is on the screen, either with his acting or voice intrigues you. His voice echoes in the cinema hall and that's what Balki wanted to cash upon. Unfortunately, a great tribute could have been given to his voice than this dominated movie under lost plot post-interval and its predictability. Akshara Hasan is nice and surely watchable. Her charm and genuineness is likable. 

         Another weak point is the logic used behind making the character of Dhanush speak in Amitabh's voice. Come on, dude, that was as silly as the tanker scene in Jai Ho. Just because Bollywood audience accepts anything to make the movie earn 100 crore, you will show anything? Even a 3rd std boy would make faces after hearing the logic and scream,"WHAT A LIE!!!". Balki has proved this point of Bollywood's logic by giving a meaning to the song Piddley and showing how it works on the screen. That was all too difficult to digest. Also the climax seems to be an abrupt end to a wonderful twist that was about to happen. May be Balki found it hard to execute so he decides an easy scene and ends the movie. In all, I would say a difficult one-time watch and not very interesting. If skipped, not a big deal. I give it 2.5 stars.



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Basically I like act of Senior Bacchan. Amazing acting done by him and thats why he is still the Mega Star of bollywood...:)

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