7 February 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

First Impression Never Dies!!!

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       Every time I am about to join a new place, I become too nervous that I feel I should bunk the first day and join from the next day on wards. I can tell people that I started vomiting since midnight and therefore, I shall also get sympathies on the very first day itself. But because of obvious reasons, I have never been able to execute this plan. :-) But what makes it difficult for me and many others like me become nervous while joining a new place? It's not about the challenges that we are going to face because that's the reason why we join a new institution. It's always about the fear of not turning out to be stupid on the first day itself and embarrass ourselves. That's the reason why we are so nervous. It's not that we never had friends and we are curious about forming friends at a new place but we do not want to become the center of attraction of everyone's gossip. Isn't it?

          We try to behave very generous and kind on the very first day and continue our gesture for the days to come until we don't settle down properly along with people. Once we feel that we are out of that phase where we can be judged or isolated, we become comfortable and from here the glorious days at the work begins. Even when it's the first day of our Graduation or B-school, we are very conscious of everything we do. We don't even smile the way we really do. For people like me who don't have their teeth in good shape, it becomes more difficult to find any way to impress people on the first day with their smile at least. Creating the first impression is so hard that I almost prefer to sit quietly and watch others than making myself a part of conversation and form a group right on the very first day. I also don't prefer an old friend I already know at a new place because then you get bonded with this particular person and lose your options of creating new friends from your own perspective.

          Similarly, the way I am talking about creating my own impression, I am also a 2nd person who is watching others and judging the way I am judged. There are few people whom I find in the same turmoil as mine. They are sitting in a corner and thinking if they will ever become friendly with this new set of people who are trying to be so cool that it seems all of them were friends since birth. There are others who are inquiring and sharing how all of them landed here and what were their first experience at the counter, office or reception. 

           And then comes the set of people whom I dislike the most and make sure I am not forming any group in which these people are the core parts. These are the people who start criticizing the whole place and system from the first minute itself. They will complain about almost everything- the location, the water cooler, the wash room, the faculties, the staffs etc. They will compare the place with other competitors and tell how better are those institutions. It is this point of time when I wish to break my silence and ask who compelled them to come here if they knew about the better options available. But I find it better to ignore them and indulge myself in hating the guy more and promising myself that I will never share a personal conversation ever with this cribber. 

           Then there are another set of self-proclaimed cool dudes who try to tell how perfect and rich their life is. They will tell you that they already had a wonderful offer or job but still they opt for this because they heard it might take them to the next level. They will tell you how things are in the real world as if they are 20 years elder to us. They will want to dominate you by making you look and feel very small in your eyes. You silently hear the person's bakwaas and blame God for not making you like them to narrate all made-up stories about your achievements and how you are the KING OF THE WORLD already. 

            Then comes another set of guys who will directly start abusing and showing you how normal it is for them. Well, they won't be knowing that for you these abuses expired in 5th grade itself and what you hurl is as destructive as ISIS bombs. But then you come from the family that teaches you to be respectful to others until there's a certain level of friendship unlocked where abusing each other becomes expression of love. I hate the people who directly refer me and others using "Tu" in the first conversation itself. Come on, man. I know I'm your age. I know tomorrow we shall be killing each other with abuses but keep some courtesy until there's no introduction at least. Start with Tum and later on, we can switch to TU once we build rapport. 

          And the worst grade of boys are the ones who start making silly and vulgar comments on girls. They will try to show you that no matter from where we come, the mentality towards the girls are the same for everyone. They will comment on almost every girl and make lusty faces and expressions whenever a girl with good pulchritude passes by. This irritates me a lot. One of them can be my friend and you can land up with a punch, idiot. At least think about that. But they do not care. They are here just to ogle at girls and try to bed themselves with few as soon as possible and later dump them. Sick! 

            If you are from any of these crass set of people, please become aware of what message you are sending to this new environment with whom you are going to spend next few years of yours. Being fake while delivering the first impression is still better than being dirty just to make yourself look the Dominating one among this new set of people who are still thinking with whom to speak and not. I almost take 1 year to decide with whom I have to spend rest of my years with. Never ever do I get so active that I play dirty to become the hero of my class. That's actually becoming villain. Remember guys, someone have said it right- FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION. 



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