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Tamanna by Tejeshwar Singh (Book Review: 2.5*/5)!!!

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      I am done reading another book by Fingerprint Publication. "Tamanna" is the 2nd book written by Tejeshwar Singh, an author whom you would mistake for South Superstar, Nagarjuna. The cover page of the book specifies that it's a tale where the boy keeps loving a girl but could not achieve her. After reading the synopsis, you become more clear that the book you are about to start reading is a sad story with a very less probability of having a Happy Ending. 

            Tamanna is based on the extra-marital affair or love happening after the marriage. It's sort of one-sided love story but in a very pure manner. If I would tell you that a book is based on extra-marital affair, you will end up imagining love-making and wild scenes but this book has none. It is based on author's real story and only 10% fiction is added to it. Considering that the book is based on a true story and very less manipulation is made to it, I can only say that it's an honest attempt by Tejeshwar Singh which you would like only if you have gone through something similar. I liked that author didn't overdo anything as it would have seemed to be unacceptable. Imagining,  you will feel that the story must have happened somewhere with someone.

            First half is very slow but easy language makes you read fast and reach 2nd half of it. As soon as the 2nd half begins, you start searching for some twist to occur. Arjun is happily married with Sangini and also have a very beautiful daughter. He sees Tamanna at a common friend's party and falls in love with her. Tamanna is already married to Sanjay and has a child. Both the family becomes friend and they hang out at each other houses every now and then. With every meeting, Arjun's obsession for Tamanna keeps growing. The book, therefore, expresses different emotions that protagonist goes through in this journey of love where he can neither express nor keep it with himself. 

            I wished if this book was written better. It had a story line which is very different from other books that are publishing these days. If author could have fictionalized it a lot more and created a drama out of it, this book could have been something else. 2nd half puts some life in the book when Sanjay starts dealing with Arjun on a business deal otherwise the book was stagnant at one point itself. I give this book 2.5 out of 5 and I expect author to read more books before writing his next so that he gets an idea how to fictionalize a real story to make it interesting for the avid readers. 



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