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Review: Happy New Year: PHUCKKK OFF, INDIAWAALE!!! *

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        Just back after watching one of the most over-hyped movies of recent times- Happy New Year starring some of the biggest actors- Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah. When you go to watch a movie made by Farah Khan or Sajid Khan, the only thing you should expect is lots of head-ache because of anger that keeps getting accumulated in you with each stupid scenes and every stretchy sub-plot. Same happens with Happy New Year. It's a movie that should have been easily one of the most spoken movies if released before 2005 when multi-starrer movies were itself a charm among audience. Now we crave for story which Farah Khan can never do even if she works on a movie for 100 decades. I wished to find Farah Khan of Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om but what I got in return is- A Farah Khan far below than those two attempts but little better than Tees Maar Khan. 

           Happy New Year is about Charlie whose father has been insulted by Jackie Shroff, currently a multi-millionaire in Dubai. Charlie decides to accuse Jackie Shroff in the same manner as he did with his father. He plans to steal diamonds that are under the surveillance of Jackie and his son. A World Dance Championship is announced and a team is needed. Charlie forms a team of 6 and reaches Dubai where the diamond is been located. And what happens after this can be easily predicted by even a 5 years old kid. And therefore, the tragedy is that a director with 4 films under her banner cannot understand that anyone above 5 years old will not enjoy such kind of a movie.

            For the first 40-45 minutes, only the characters keep getting introduced one by one. This itself shows the vacuum in the script. Till interval, the plan by Charlie is been told repeatedly to each one of them with the same dialogues repeated again and again. After interval, you get to watch a reality show. Yes, just a reality show which we have been feeding ourselves on Indian television from last 10 years. With a grand stage and superb locations of Dubai, if Farah Khan thinks a movie would be entertaining, she needs a reality check very soon. Logic and humour are very far away from what you can ever identify Happy New Year with. Yes, I agree that there are very few scenes which really makes you laugh but if a movie of more than 3 hours length has only few such scenes, what about rest of the parts? They are the reasons why your body will show symptoms of headache and restlessness.

          Abhishek Bachchan(Nandu) is been hid from Jackie Shroff (as he is duplicate of his son(Vicky)) in a party that is hosted by Jackie himself. Later on, Nandu is on the first page of newspapers, dancing on stage in front of him, covered by media every now and then and still, Jackie Shroff couldn't identify that he looks like his son. WOW! There's a scene where there's only 1 minute for SRK and Boman to crack a secured system protected by password. That scene itself is of 5 minutes or more. Logic? Nowhere. SRK tells everyone that according to PLAN B, all of them will have to meet immediately at a spot from where they will take a ship and cross international borders within 15 minutes. They themselves take more than 15 minutes to reach there and then a wonderful emotional-cum-patriotic drama unfolds for next 5-10 minutes. Logic? Stab me!

          It's a movie based on Dance show and there's not a single step that you would copy after coming out of the hall. The only step that they repeatedly keep doing is naagin step that's already famous from decades and Babaji ka Thullu which is already famous because of whom everyone of us know. And over this, Farah Khan makes fun of Saroj Khan by making Kiku Sharda(Palak in Comedy Nights with Kapil) enact her. I do not know why Farah Khan insults one or the other legend every time she comes with a new movie. Shame!

          The only good thing about Happy New Year is Deepika Padukone. She is bliss. You don't even look at SRK when she is on screen. People never screamed for SRK but whenever Deepika Padukone did something crazy, theater would blast with whistles and claps. That's the power this actress has possessed in last 2 years. Amazing! SRK's fan would love this movie as he is shown extremely heroic and powerful. He does not overact but plays his part perfectly. Abhishek is playing Uday Chopra of Dhoom in this movie. Boman, Vivaan and Sonu Sood are just fine with their parts. 

           In all, I would recommend this movie only for those who want to checkout how Dubai looks like, Deepika Padukone and SRK's fans. I give it 1 star out of 5. 1/2 stars for some brilliant and grandly made scenes and another 1/2 for Deepika Padukone. Indiawaale, PHUCKK OFFFFFF!!! That's all!



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Soulmate said...

Its disappointing when a movie does not have a good script, especially when it has such a good star cast.

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

It wasn't that bad , was it? :P

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