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Operation Mom by Reenita Malhotra Hora (Book Review-2.75*/5)!!!

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   "Operation Mom" is Reenita Malhotra Hora's 4th book. Published by HarperCollins, this 234-pages novel is a perfect and typical chick-lit that the Indian audience enjoys, specially girls. Operation Mom is an attempt to encourage youths to think about their mother's life which becomes nothing more than a prisoner's after we are born. Though the protagonist of this book, Ila Isham does it to keep her mom busy as she wants to stalk the pop star, Ali Zafar, but still the book says a lot about the relationship between a mother and daughter and especially about the kind of transformation our mothers have to see to bring up their children in the right way. 

         Reenita Hora has used good language which makes you even more interested in the story. I wasn't sure by the plot that the story would be able to impress me enough but the way first half has been written creates enough excitement in you to know what happened in the climax. Few scenes are wonderfully described by the authoress. My personal favorite is the one where she gets to know about her mother's history and get surprised as to why is she being restricted to get obsessed by Ali Zafar. The attitude of discussing the three generations is also well done by the authoress. I personally liked the character of Deepali which gives the book a momentum whenever it starts falling down. Aunty Maleeka is another interesting character that keeps the book alive. 

          The cover page of the book is uniquely crafted which secretly speaks a lot about the story. I loved the way chapters were kept limited as it allows a new reader to grasp the tale easily. I just wished second half to be more delighting and catchy. I hated the parts where SMS conversations were discussed briefly. It could have been cut short. The book got stuck in between and remained at the same spot until author realized that the climax has to be begun. It is then that the story is suddenly given pace. My summary of the review would be an amazing story skewed by its second half after a wonderful excitement generated by its first half. I give it 2.75* out of 5. But still, it's a light read and chick-lit lovers would appreciate it for its genuineness. 



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