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Best SELLERS by Devang/Tanveer (Book Review-4*/5)!!!

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     Enter into any bookstore and you will find many books asking you to pick them up because they are a great reference on how to sell your product. Selling and marketing has become a new phenomenon globally because of which competition is very intense among rival these days. Every company needs few new principles which can show them a direction they are missing out from their meetings and modus operandi. "Best Sellers" is a book that makes people into selling and marketing realize what mistake they do because of which they find it hard to make their mark in the current race where a pinch of mistake can take you far behind than others.

       Devang Kanavia and Tanveer Shaikh chose to share their message through a fiction story where Aditya and Ryan are the heads of selling and marketing department of Maxima. They find that their company is incurring only losses and every principle that they applied have failed severely. Finally, they hire a consultant named ENTITY who helps them for 6 weeks. He suggests new key principles which helps Aditya and Ryan notice their mistakes and adopt the new findings. The book also has a tagline "Because everything is about selling". Easiest language is used to make the message reach everyone who picks up the book. Story is not made confusing and wanna-be in quest of making it more interesting. Focus on the plot has been kept right from the first word to the last. 

           If someone would ask me what I would say about "Bestsellers" in a sentence, I would say "It's The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari for sales and marketing professionals". Yes, it is that good. The way both the protagonists find the answers themselves creates an excitement within you as a reader. The important sentences are underlined and even mentioned at the end of each chapter. The intention of authors are clear. They just want to make you aware and serious regarding your product. They are asking you to create a brand of your product, make  yourself unique so that anyone meeting you once remember you for life etc. With each sentence, the book goes in a mode where you want to start beginning on yourself and the organization desperately using the principles shared in the book. I would suggest every Sales and Marketing guy to have this book with them. I give the book 4* out of 5. 



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