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And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid (Book Review-3*/5)!!!

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         I started reading "And We Remained" by Asad Ali Junaid on 1st October. After completing half of it, I began reading "Half Girlfriend" which got delivered on 1st itself. After completing/reviewing it, I completed 2nd half of it today. So many Halves in the above sentences, right? Haha! Before starting to talk about the book, I would like to inform you that this book is not just written by the author, but he has himself designed the cover page of the book being a designer himself and also went on publishing it on his own. For this tremendous efforts, author should be applauded irrespective what the book is all about. 

          Coming to the book, it is one among many that discusses college life of a group of friends and how they face that all of us do in our college lives- identity crisis, friends, girls, crushes, bunks, bad scores, semesters, parents, joblessness etc. Author has tried to write it in a most specific way without getting deep into something that is not part of the main theme of the story. It basically talks about the inclination of 3 friends towards a girl named Wardha who studies with them. Well, it sounds little illogical and unbelievable but that's what author has decided to write on. With that, this book also doesn't indulge into drama where 3 friends fight for this particular girl whom they wish to get committed with. They are fine with the competition. Distinct, isn't it? Haha!

            Each character of the book talks in first person and therefore, you get an insight from everyone's view. Also, every alternate chapter includes "mail conversation" where these friends keep informing each other about their developments in life after college. It's a good idea but I felt it an interruption many of the times. Book could have been shorter by 50 pages if little more editing could have been performed in this email section. Otherwise, the main story is indulging, charming and beautiful. It's one of those light reads that you love during train journeys. If you have passed out from college, this book will provide enough nostalgia that you will end up calling your friends on conference.

             Sahir Hussain's character is my favorite from the book. I felt his state of mind quite stable and clear in comparison to others. Therefore, I feel that it's a character based on author himself. Am I right, Mr. Asad? :-) Also, the joblessness even after 2 Master Degrees and settling to work in a restaurant as waiter is something that touched my heart. I just wished that Wardha's thing could have gotten a proper ending. It's fine to add little drama even if the story is based on your real experiences in college. I also wished character to be little more insightful so that it could have given a flavor to each of them. Like, I personally felt that David's character was given the least focus. That's all. I would ask author to edit bit of the portions from the email section and then go for the next print of the book. I give this book 3*/5. 



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