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Review: HAIDER: Mind-blowing adaptation! ***½

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HAIDER: 3.5/5

        What happens generally when you come out of a movie that stars one of the main lead actors? Your usual comment is "Hrithik is back" "Shahid is back" "Shahrukh is back" and so on. After watching Haider, one among the rare movies of Bollywood that portrays a real issue fearlessly rather than providing entertainment even within a film that involves all the tragic issues of a region, you will scream about the return of Vishal Bhardwaj. Haider is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet and what a great example of brilliance by basing it in Kashmir. Both, Vishal and Basharat Peer should be repeatedly acknowledged for writing Hamlet in a version that is extremely effective for the people who know the story of Kashmir or those who wish to know about the state. 

           Though the film shows Indian army in a villainous role but the filmmakers aren't scared in showing what actually happens in Kashmir because of which the locals never experiences peace and joy. The only problem with the movie is it's length- 2 hours and 40 minutes is too much even for an entertainer, Haider should have been wrapped up in maximum 2.15 hours. 

           Coming to the performances, something for which you will always thank Vishal Bhardwaj is for portraying one of the best actresses of Bollywood, Tabu, in a magical role which helped us appreciate her acting once again. What a terrific and dynamic performance given by her! One of the most difficult roles and the way she carries the role of Haider's mother in the movie and every time, Tabu and Shahid are together on a screen, you just cannot blink your eyes. Any amount of words is less to describe her work in Haider. 

            Shahid Kapoor has just reinvented himself with this movie. You do not find him being an eye-candy, smiling, dancing, doing over-acting, speaking mindless dialogues etc. but an actor who makes it sure that the transformation that his character goes through looks genuine and real through his performance. Right from his first scene to his last, Shahid Kapoor has not missed the expression that was needed to thrill his audience and make them love him again. The anguish, fear, anxiety, madness, terrorism, confusion etc that his character displays makes you smile one you are out of theater and remember the experience you had watching him. 

           Shraddha Kapoor is lost in the movie. KK Menon is another performer who should be appreciated for what he has done with his part in Haider. Amazing! Irrfan Khan in his cameo is also memorable. Songs aren't catchy. Also, do not expect to see great locations of Kashmir as Vishal Bhardwaj has decided to show us an other side of Kashmir. Overall, I would call Haider a successful film. The only painful thing is its length. It is sad that a movie of such excellence earns only 6 crore in its first day while a mindless game like Bang Bang earns 27.54 crore. Audiences, wake up!



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