9 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Toh Batao- PROPOSE DAY Pe Kya Ukhaada?

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       So, everyone of us celebrated PROPOSE DAY today. I know all the dumbos who were dumbos are still dumbos. No one got a partner. But, again 365 days will pass, again, in 2013, we will celebrate this idiotic day. And what will we gain? Relationship Status will change a little. From being Single, we will go into the phase of being Super-Single. And we will become Seniors to those who would be celebrating this for the first time in 2013. And we will be standing there to guide them. We would be guiding them to remain as dumb and foolish as possible. So that you remain single for next 1 year too. And, you will get a chance to become Super-Single like us. And we would get a promotion and we will be Super-Super-Single. I don't think there is any other i.e. more productive reason of celebrating PROPOSE DAY. :-) Some may ask for a National Holiday too because it takes a lot of guts to go to someone and erupt what you kept in your heart from months and years. So, you might need a whole day to prepare for this adventurous and tough job of proposing someone whom you loved more than your parents(sometimes). Right? So, basically, this is what PROPOSE DAY is.

            From the first paragraph, you may have thought that this guy is full of negativism. He just can't see someone getting through the paths of fire and patience and innocence and love and faith and finally setting up into a Relationship with the most beautiful person for him/her. But, I have no problem in seeing you getting success in the most impatient task of the world. Yes, keeping the feeling of love for someone in your heart for months and years is not an easy task. Even I love someone. Even I want to erupt myself. But why don't I? Because I am scared of rejection. Ok. Everyone is. You don't go and propose any girl walking on Fashion Street with magnetic smile, 5 feet 6 inch height, straightened hair, high-heel footie and dancing ear-rings in her perfectly-shaped ears. You start developing a feeling for someone whom you know nicely. 

 (Let's talk from the boy side as it is difficult to use both the gender forms in all the coming sentences. Thodi mehnat bachaao meri bhi :-)) Either the girl may be your childhood friend or she may be someone with whom you spend most of your time after your parents and best friend or she may be someone who never talks to you because of no common connect but she gives you a smile every time both of you pass against each other on the road. So, when a girl with whom you have such kind of connect, you fear of losing her just because you share your passion of love you have for her to her. So, many fattus like me (and also you :-)) keep their feeling in their heart or *ss and sit quietly at one place. With a rose in hand, and plucking every petal to find an answer of two parallel questions- Kya wo bhi mujhse pyar karti hai? *one petal gone* Ya nahi? *Another petal gone*. And if in the end, you lose your love because of this superstitious game of plucking petals, you finalize to keep the feeling to yourself for all your life, and, by the grace of God (Sorry, Rose), if you get a positive response that even she loves you, even then you shrink your *ss because you know, this petal is not going to save you from her brothers if in any case she hates you. :-) 

              I remember my experience when I said about my feeling of love to someone and she said "I NOT LOVE YOU". Even I wasn't good in grammar but her fucking grammar fucked the feeling of love I had for her. Now, some emo may say to me "LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL" "YOU ARE SUPER-IDIOT THAT YOU LEFT HER JUST BECAUSE OF BAD GRAMMAR" "YOU WERE NOT EVEN BLOGGER THEN". :-) But, this is how everyone reviews love today. Who loves unconditionally? Everyone is small-minded. Everyone wants their girlfriend to be stylish and beautiful. So that if they take them for a date or a walk, 10 friends should rotate their head at 180 degree to see your girlfriend. Everyone wants their girlfriend to maintain distance from boys and make it sure that she don't shake hands with them. Everyone wants their girlfriend to avoid replying to SMSes by other male classmates because they have an insecurity that she may run away somewhere else. TRUST has fled away somewhere from today's love. Love exists. But all the basic attributes of love are missing in this 21st Century's Love. Today, its all about rubbing skins, sucking lips, buying condoms, in-taking I-pill and the day you get bored with the same skin and same mate, end the process which began on PROPOSE DAY and wait for another PROPOSE DAY to get into a new process with a new mate. 

             I am not saying that being in relationship is void at all. No. It has many positivism attached with it too. Relations are very value-creating. Relations are very motivating at times. Relations are a mode of revealing yourself to someone. Relations makes you feel proud of yourself. Relations brings a confidence in you. When two people meet and decides to live the future life with each other, they know that they will have to struggle to adjust with each other's varying nature. They know that they will have to deal with the result-less arguments and hot talks. They know that they will have to answer to their partner's question almost 50 times a day even when they hate answering  those questions. Maintaining a Love Relationship is not a road of roses but it is a bed of thorns. But, thorns for a temporary period of time. Once you pass the initial stage of love affair, later on, once you get adjusted with your partner, you know that this is your life and the result is in front of you. So, in this Valentine Week, get prepared to augment yourself a bit and get out of the same RELATIONSHIP STATUS. :-) Get away from the characteristic of Dumbness. For me, these relationships have never worked. But I hope these days will bring a shining star in your life. Stars will twinkle. But don't let them be lost in the sky. Keep them as bright as sun for yourself. Even when they don't shine, you should know where your star is, in what situation it is and what does it expect from you. :-) BEST OF LUCK to those who are going to reveal their feelings to their Crush.



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Basil said...

made for interesting reading.over to chocolate day ... haha :P

rAHUL tIWARI said...

Hahahaha you're back in form dude..:D
enjoyed it..and my moto is to never propose girls but make them propose you..its best thing to maintain your dignity..keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

A girl
can be your best
friend, wife, worst
enemy, or worst
nightmare. It just
depends on how you
treat her.

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Writing Buddha said...

Wonderful Basil. hahaha.

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha. Awesome Rahul. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Atcha Sagar. Love guru. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Anamika, thanks for smiley. :)

vidit said...

Phool khareedne k b paise lgte h :-"

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