18 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

I can manage CORRUPTION !!! But, VIOLENCE???

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       So, BMC election in Mumbai got over yesterday. The results were out in the first half of Friday. I don't know whether I'm happy or sad- but I would like to tell what newspapers will scream tomorrow- The BJP-Shivsena alliance won the polls. Too many questions and accusations on Shiv-sena was happening in last few weeks and it is incredible to see their win over others. They were continuously compared with MNS and other parties but still they came out as Winner. I don't know what made people to vote in favour of this party, but its good to see something unexpected. I was assuming some other party as the winner. But it's fine. I am neither in profit nor in loss. Because I stay in Navi Mumbai :-) And here Congress is the winner. A party which is quite humble than all the parties in my area. Yes, their MLAs are corrupt. But for me, corruption is not the first thing I would like to throw away from my city. There are other things which bother me more than Corruption.

         I remember my days in Nashik where Raj Thackeray is in full power and substance. He rules Nashik. His ministers and activists are at least 3 out of every 5 Nashik-ians. :-) My VCD/CD shop where I got my favorites movies on rent was the shop of a MNS person. The shop from where I got my mobile recharged every time I was short of balance(I had girlfriend then), was the shop of a MNS activists. The cyber cafe where I sat for 6 hours daily was the shop of a MNS activist. Whenever I used to go and and sit in his Cyber cafe, he would purposely play the VCD of Raj Thackeray's most provocative rally against North Indians. I'm a North-Indian and he used to think that I would react to it. But, I would laugh at him. I would make fun of Raj Thackeray and he used to take it funnily. In few days, we grew a good bond. Once, the head of MNS party of that area was about to visit his cyber cafe to talk on some upcoming programmes related to election and progress of the party in the area. 

          The cyber cafe owner(and my friend)- Prashant asked me to sit with him for a while until that chief comes. We were laughing and giggling on all the vulgar jokes which were going on there. After few minutes, the chief arrived and all started talking to him quite seriously. I was sitting and observing everything. I was little scared of the chief as he looked huge and I was also from North-India. Then, juice was being ordered for him from the juice center adjacent to the shop. When we were having juice, the chief asked my name, I told. Then he asked me where my father works, I told. Then, he asked me where I hail from, he started sipping the juice again, and I said "U.P." and he made a weird face and spitted out the juice which he sipped just a second ago. And after that he said in Marathi which meant "Juice turned sour because of these two words" and started laughing like a devil and all joined him. I had no other option and even I laughed. He asked me why am I laughing when the fun is being made on my native place. I told him that I don't have any attachment towards my native place. I told him about my obsession towards Mumbai, Pune and Nashik and how I grew in these places. He was surprised to see my love for his state. In the end, he hugged me and left the place after sharing few words with Prashant. 

           Then I asked Prashant that why did he made me sit in front of him when he had an idea that he may make fun of me. Prashant said,"I wanted to show him that not every outsider is selfish. There are some because of whom our state is growing." I was surprised. But, in short, this is how North-Indians were made fun of in Nashik. (Some people are always exceptional) Everywhere I went, I had to listen one or two words about my native place. They never talked to me in Hindi because they wanted me to adopt Marathi. It became difficult for me. Some North Indians those were quite egoistic and arrogant, retaliated to them, and then they were thrashed for small things. This made Nashik very violent because of localites. Same happens everywhere where the local party is in power. I always fear of MNS and Shiv-sena whenever I think about elections in my area. I have a fear that if they'll win, these people will become abusive and violent. This will make my living more difficult. So for me, corruption comes after violence. I will always prefer to vote for the party which is engaged in corruption than the one which is engaged in violence. Being corrupt, these people ask for some extra money from me and pass my stuck work to the next level. This benefits me. But, violence is too dangerous. I can never think of prioritizing it before Corruption. So, I am happy that my area has Congress as its king. :-)

           So, this is my take that on what factor would I plan my vote. I will always prefer Corruption over violence. I don't know why people want Congress to go. If other violent parties would come in force, people will have to run for their life. At least, corruption doesn't take lives. :-) Enough Said. :-) 



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Anonymous said...

I will blog on this- "My life experiences and Being called a Bhaiya" - I used to also take those taunts in positive humor but I remember there was a time when my identity was gone and people only teased as bhaiya or gawars... It was really irritating-My Car was burnt during the protests by Raj Thankery against North Indians-- It was worth 4 Lakhs.. I know the aftermath of violence..Neither I like congress , Shiv Sena, BJP, NCP or MNS.. All are either frauds or violence makers... We The People are meant to born a common way, live a common way ( without uttering anything against the mighty) and die a common way... Who am I? A Common man. Who has realized that our country's politics is rotten. And if we have to change, then change ourselves, don't expect others to change... Great Blog...Wish you become a great blogger...

Anamika said...

Rightly said n very well written..i totally agree wid d thought...
n Abhilash dis post is a simple n sensible comment on indian politics...Good !!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anonymous. I can understand your frustration as I have gone through this.. Thanks for sharing this on this sensible post. Thanks.

And hope your words for me prove to be right. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika.

banti said...

-Good piece of information.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Banti

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