8 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Is Desh Mein Do Bharat Bastey Hain !!!

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       Today, I was filling my CET form for the MCA course. While filling form, I got irritated at many places. When a boy who passed Graduation successfully wants to go to a Post-graduation studies, what basic requirement would you need if you would have been the Head of the System? I don't think that you would have desired anything more than a student's 10th, 12th and Graduation marks. Right? When you want the youth of our nation to grow up, you would like to know their previous performances and place them in the colleges according to their merits. Am I right till now? I presume that your answer is Yes. :-) So, why do you need to know my caste? Chalo, for a while, caste is Ok. But, now you even want to know my Subcaste. This wasn't enough that you gave an option of Religion. Even that's fine, now you want to know whether I belong to a Scheduled Tribe or Scheduled caste or any Other Backward class. But why? Is there any relation of these information which can improve the quality of education you will provide me after few months for next 3 years? 

           The story doesn't end here. They asked about the Annual Family Income too. Now, if our government is really concerned about the poverty of India; and they think that their concession to those with low family income may change the scenario of Indian education, let me tell you morons, that, you make the colleges charge 1 Lakh/year for the course of MCA, why don't you reduce the fees to 10,000 a year so that any student of any background can continue his study without fail? Stop showing Fake Sympathies. Ok? 

           Ok. So Picture Ab Bhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost. The documents which they need while admitting me in the process of admission should prove that I'm staying in the state from last 15 years. If I am unable to prove that I have been the citizen of the state for last 15 years, I have no right to get admitted in any college of that particular state. I can only get permitted by running several government offices, pay bribes to their C-grade workers, get my documents done and then come back to them. They talk about the evil violence Raj Thackeray creates in the state and country, what are you evolving by generating these new differences among students?

            I still can't understand that what difference does it makes if 1 student is from Open category and other is from Scheduled caste? Government provides concession in fees to the students those who belongs to Scheduled caste. Now, what sin has been committed by the students who are born to the parents who belong to Open category? Why do they have to bear 10 times of the fees as their basic fee amount for the same course? A course which Open category student does in 50,000, SC student does it in 5000 rs. Now, what kind of Equality is being represented by Indian Government? This is just augmenting Rage and Anger in the mindsets of the students who belongs to the Open Category for the students who belong to the SC/ST category. Fine. If, only fees would have been cut off, people would have not minded much but they get a concession even in the marks obtained in the entrance examination. If the College Cut-off list gets closed at 85% marks for Open category students, the same reduces to 60% for the students those who belong to ST/SC category. Now, do they have less brain than the students who belong to Open category? You call the religion of Islam as Fundamentalist, right? Even when they are so extremist, they give you an opportunity to convert into their caste, why don't you give Open students a chance to convert themselves into the caste where they can enjoy the facilities being given by you.

            Amitabh Bachchan said it rightly in Aarakshan "Is desh mein Do Bharat bastey hain". Wo toh dikh hi raha hai. Admission mein partiality, Government job mein partiality, Ration ki dukaan mein partiality. Anything which is related to Government, there is always two sections of people. I think Indian Government believes in Diversity in Diversity than Unity in Diversity. They want to break the unity between different castes. And then, with the help of it, they prepare a speech, deliver it in a rally and gain votes from the SC/ST category and do corruption for next 5 years. We celebrated Republic just 1.5 weeks ago and it is clearly pellucid that where our country is heading towards. 


            Mr. iPill Bubble(I hope you get whom I'm trying to refer to. Because if I'll use his name, he can ask me to censor my blog), use your brain some day on these things rather than censoring Internet and introducing 3-hours battery back-up wala Tablet Aakash.




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rAHUL tIWARI said...

Hahaha..nice one..and awesomly presented...remember i was asking for a fadoo one..this is it...you rock here...keep it up..

hens night said...

What a nice post this is? Really gives you a full knowledge about the Indian culture and shows the reality of the Indians. I m proud to be an Indian.

Jai said...

Ofcourse Picture is always Baaki Hai Mere Dost... ;)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Rahul. I am happy that u think I am back again. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Hens Night.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Jai. :-)

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