20 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Kya aap Filmfare ke Red Carpet pe chalna pasand karenge?

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       I don't think that there is anyone who is reading this without watching Filmfare few hours ago (except some hosteler, hostelites and other unlucky people who don't have television around them). I am crazy about these award functions every time I hear on news channel that it is been shot and it can be on television in next 3 weeks. Earlier this year I have already enjoyed Screen Awards and Zine Cine Awards. Today, I am done with Filmfare and now my next stop is IIFA which will be shot and broadcast in May or June. I have been watching these Award Functions since I was in 5th standard. In my school days, I liked watching which stars are friends and which are not. I used to judge this by seeing who were sitting together and who were not. It was a nice observation from my side then. :-) Later, when I grew little more and I understood what Superstar is, I started dying to see the Dance Performances of the actors and actresses who used to fire the stage with their performance. Salman Khan was my favorite initially. Then, I moved on to Hrithik Roshan as his dance was something which was never seen before. And he is the only one who rocks even today. 

            Award Functions were an eye-opener to me sometimes when a movie which I used to think the most useless movie ever made used to win awards. Then, I used to watch them. And I learnt that there is something called Art Cinema which is too sensible to get the awards for Best Film in these award functions. Then I got an idea that may be these award shows are scripted. But I didn't gave this a second thought as I enjoyed watching it. I didn't wanted to doubt it. As, we all love watching Cricket but if we will see every match as its fixed, we can never enjoy the excitement of a nail-biting match. (Like the one we saw recently when India-SL tied :-)) I remember the day when I was going to watch 2012 movie in the theater. I promised myself that I'll not watch the movie as every scene is graphical and animated. So, I watched it quite emotionally and it screwed me. I was unable to leave my parents for many days as I thought Earth may blast anytime and I'll lose them. (It's not even good every time to see things as real :-)) So, till today, even when I have heard many news about the award shows being scripted, I don't watch it by being judgmental about its credibility. :-)

            But after watching these award shows from last 3-4 times, there is something which is eating my head. I am unable to digest something. I am unable to bear something. I feel that there is something wrong which should be corrected. I feel that expectations are being fulfilled but the essence of award shows is missing. We have seen the hosts and different actors coming on stage and making fun of several disaster movies and superstars who failed to impress the viewers in spite of the hype generated all around. Even if some stars feel bad when they or their movie is being targeted hears it with smile. We have witnessed an incident when Ashutosh Gowariker shouted at Sajid Khan for insulting a singer or a lyrics writer. I felt it too aggressive at the moment but later on, I realized that Ashutosh Gowariker was right. Sajid Khan should not have insulted that lady on the stage. There is a limit and extent to everything. 

            Award shows are meant to felicitate someone. It is not for calling all the good artists and performers at one place on the name of felicitation but ending up by giving awards to few and humiliation to many. If some day a Blogger awards would be organized and I would be called, I will never feel it nice if they would create my fun on the stage in front of crores viewers(if broadcast on television). So, in the same way, I don't like some actors being snubbed on the stage. And they can't retaliate back because its the Baadshah of Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan doing it. There are not many Ashutosh Gowariker in the industry and world. There are very few who can raise their voice in front of the mighty. In short, when an award show is being organized to honour the people who have performed extremely good in the field, there should not be a quota of even a single minute where someone's failure should be made fun of. The youth and children who sees SRK as their idol or in that respect to anyone who hosts the event, they'll think that its good and funny to make fun of the people who are failing in their lives. 

            It would look so good if you will arrange everything properly and give a tribute and honour to everyone who works in Film industry. One of the best moments of any award function is when the Lifetime Achievement Award is being given to a legendary. And it is because they deliver a speech through which we get either one or many things to learn and apply in our life. For a long run, people remember the best dance performance or the best speech in an award show, but they forget all the nuisance you created by making fun of failed film artist in that particular year. Rather, you can motivate some of them by pointing out the best part of their flop films. Organize and create something of this kind. Why to make an award show where humiliation is done in ample and felicitation is done in scarce. Many of you may say that I am a narrow minded person and hence I'm minding this too much. But seriously, when I see myself in the place of those stars on whom the most jokes are made, I feel it awkward and uncomfortable. 

            It's my take. What is yours? 

 Thanks. Waiting for your reply. 


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Gaurav Dashputra said...


Well i do see your point and although its put up in a good way...i have to disagree with you abhilash. the film industry is not just a film industry it is also the entertainment industry. the sole purpose of everything that these guys do is entertaining the masses. and it is not just the falied stars and movies that are made fun of...the sucessful and the most popular people are also mocked. if SRK is making fun of someone...he inturn is also humilated by his peers...its all a part of a well written script made by the event organizers...that doesnt mean that the show is rigged or the awards are fixed or anyhting of that sort. it is just that everything they say up there is a part of a script which makes regular people like us able to watch the show without getting bored. who would want to watch a boring show anyway...and plus is all said in good spirit and thats how it should be taken...it take a great sense of humor and brilliant comic timing to pull something like that off

Thats my take
Gaurav Dashputra

Writing Buddha said...

Hello Gaurav, See, I would again say this, if their main purpose is to entertain people, do it through movies. There, you make 1 movie in a year.. And here, you make fun of almost all the movies... This is not write. Keep the entertainment quotient till the movies. Wen an award show is organized, just felicitate people and on the name of entertainment, there are dance performances. Its enough.. I feel so.

Anonymous said...

I happen to disagree you on this. Possibly this is the first time I am disagreeing you completely. They are stars and they are meant to entertain others. I have also seen that award ceremony. SRK made fun of himself, remember that Ra.1 t-shirts and caps and then he says everything was sold but only tickets of Ra.1 didn't sell. I have watched these award shows on youtube because something to out-of-box. It's always about insult, its more about entertaining people and bringing that million dollar smile on their faces. I have been made fun of many times and I must if its done properly then I would also laugh but if it's done as an insult then anyone would find it intruding.

Writing Buddha said...

Peerless acme, I feel its an insult. Acc to me, it is. May be, I have seen it with a different perspective.

Anonymous said...

Perception matters my friend. A thought can have hundreds of interpretations, then this is an entire show.


Writing Buddha said...


BANTI said...

-Good piece of information.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Banti

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