21 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar !!!

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       It has been a long time since I completed a book in 3.5 hours. I did it today. :-) I am done with another bestseller- "Few Things Left Unsaid" by Sudeep Nagarkar. I kept on seeing this book in the Bestseller charts of Flipkart, Infibeam and many other online sites, finally I got a chance to pick the book today. Sudeep Nagarkar is a debut novelist. He never had ambition to be a writer but he ended up writing this story after one of his friend pushed him to. He started forming sentences and he ended up in writing this successful love story. It has not been 1 year still and the book has gone for reprint for many a times. Sudeep is one of those writers who haven't promoted his book in the way other writers do it (by launching it in several cities back to back). After writing, he got busy in his job again. But, destiny had good news for him and his book became Bestseller. He is an electronic engineer and he started writing during his college days. :-) 

             Coming to the STORY, FTLU is about the story of two collegians- Aditya and Riya. They meet through common friends and then, they see love in each other's eyes. They take time to express themselves but as soon as they get intrigued into the relationship, they don't wait much. They keep on stepping into the next level of relationship in every few days. They even take 7 promises as couples take during their wedding. They keep falling deep into the heavenly thing called- Love. Finally, a break-up takes place due to some twists and turns. They get back together again. But, something happens again which changes the life of Aditya. Riya's life changes too. But, they get together again. But do they remain together till the end? Their story is unpredictable. To know what it is, get the book. :-)

            Coming to the REVIEW, Sudeep has used a very safe game by using only short sentences in the first 40% of this book. The insecurity can be understood as he was writing for the first time. But later on, with time he improved and his best can be seen in the next 60% of the book. Some porn writers(I hope you understood about whom I am talking :-)) in our India should understand how to carry intimate stuffs from Sudeep. It never seemed to be vulgar, it only made the book more romantic. As everyone is writing love-breakup-love-breakup-and-finally-love, you don't abuse Sudeep when you see that the protagonist is breaking up with his girlfriend. He has broke them off at a very strange moment. I have liked Sudeep's writing in the second half of the book. He has showed his talent perfectly. 

            There are certain parts in the book which I would like to mention- When Adi starts talking to Riya, he picks up cheesy lines, but later on when he gets her, he directly starts showing fondness for her body. I liked this part as Sudeep hasn't dragged this thing a lot in the name of True Love. :-) The first kiss in the auto is sensuous and wonderful. The birthday celebration of Aditya is one epic part of this book. Adi's mother's shade in the story is shown in a perfect way. When Adi thinks of breaking up with this sweet girl-Riya, we, the readers support him rather than feeling bad for it. Amazing part of the story. :-) The confession part of the book where Riya speaks in her own voice is where you get to know the potential of Sudeep Nagarkar. :-)

            Coming to the Drawbacks, the friends of Aditya are just used for sake of showing that there are friends too. As Aditya's mom got a good focus, even his dad should have got. He is mentioned only for once in the book. Sudeep's insecurity with the language is clearly visible initially which doesn't give you a good feel about the book. That's different k later he has used a proper language. Love is described too much in the book. Rather, Sudeep should have tried to keep it little more shorter. The Epilogue plays a very bad part in the book. There are some movies in which you love every bit of it but you end up abusing it because of a useless and dragged climax. Few Things Left Unsaid ends up being a book with a bad epilogue which could have been easily avoided. I was sure to rate this book 3.5 but just because of these last 4 pages of the book(Epilogue part), I have to cut .5. So, my rating is 3 out of 5 for FLTU. My recommendation is- Go, buy this book but don't read the Epilogue (Without Epilogue, rating is 3.5). And Yes, wait for few months as the Sequel is coming soon. :-) 



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Vijay Rajput said...

Nice Review.

Have read the book months ago.I is agood book to read.Sequel of this book. I don't know I will going to read it or not. For now I am done with these type of books.

Keep Going.......

Writing Buddha said...

Its good Vijay that u have started trying different types of book. Even Ill start reading different books after I finish the stock I have with me.

Harivansh Rai said...

Just completed the book, and really I am speechless. A story to look for. Wow ♥ I loved the scenes from Manali ♥ ♥ I also loved the wedding scenes of Mohit and Sonam. Everything is so pure and I felt I am one of the character. Delhi was fantastic ♥ Everything is described so beautifully and can be felt in real. The start itself made me cry. From the first page to the last it is unstoppable and irresistible. The best work by Sudeep Nagarkar and am waiting for more. I can now say that it is better than ftlu and this is certainly a bestseller. Manali made me fall in love and Mumbai too. The flow is smooth and the entire book is perfect.

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