1 January 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

2011 Starts and Yes, I have A RESOLUTION !!!

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        So the 2010 - The Best year of my Life has ended and we are in 2011 - A Brand New Year. I wish everyone a Very Very Happy New Year and a Prosperous One. May everyone of you get and gain whatever you have dreamed in all the passed years. I am little confused about how my 2011 will be but I am confident about my effort and dedication which I'll put in to make it one of the best of all. In the last post, I have capsuled the whole 2010 together and made it easy for everyone to understand what made me sad to leave 2010 forever and ever. The whole decade was an awesome experience for me. From a child I became a Teenager and then I entered into my Adult mode of life which consists of struggle, effort and responsibilities. I also had love affairs which made me more matured than what I was. I had many fights and I got many new relations which has made me quite social for everyone in the horizon. There were many hard experiences which made me cry a lot but has made me so stronger that I don't cry anymore as I know that I can handle all the problems as I have already handled bigger ones in the past.

              2011 is here on the floors and everyone would have made a resolution. A resolution is not to make and forget. It is made to fulfill by striving and being heuristic for it throughout the year and the conclusion of it on the last day of the year should be positive. The resolution which I made for 2010 was to be a Good Writer and a Blogger and I had put a lot of efforts to be the one and whether I succeeded or not  is on my readers to decide but I am still doing my work. Coming to the resolution of 2011. My Resolution for 2011 is to concentrate on my body and health. I am the only one in my friend circle who suffers with viral fevers again and again. I have good height and cheerful face but I have no strength in my body. I want to develop the strength in me. Building the strength doesn't mean that I want to box my foes and enemies. This strength means that I want to build up the stamina in my body to run, exert pressure, dance and do physical work. I remember when my friends asked me to perform on the day of fest and I was just thinking that Dance to main kar lunga but kitni der tak kar paaunga and I was trying to find the song with the shortest duration. This is really sad.

              I am 21 years old and I should have so much strength that I can do more work than my father but I can't. This is shameful. I have decided that I will start tit bit of exercising in my bedroom itself whenever I'll get the time. It is not necessary to be so strict about the timing and punctuality in the initial phase itself. I will start with 15 minutes of exercising. After 1 month, 1/2 an hour and when I'll feel comfortable with 1/2 hour of exertion, I'll do it for 45 minutes daily. I hope that this will help me in building stamina and continuity in my body. I am not going to any gym and training center as I know that it is just a wastage of money for the boy who is not even exercising in the home. Once, I'll feel that I have dedicated a period of 1 year to my body and physique, I'll start going to the gym to be trained and be more fit than ever. For now, I don't need huge biceps and wide chest. I need a body which can at least bear my weight and my pressure. I don't want to wrestle with anyone or beat someone. I want to handle my body in a germane way.

              One you start exercising, a smartness dwells up in your attitude. Your walking style, talking style and living style changes. This helps to build up your personality. An attitude of helping others develop automatically. I would be doing Yoga for the first half and Normal P.T. exercises and Jogging for the second half. I think this is enough. I hope I'll be successful in accessing my Resolution and making me a perfect man with all my dreams and goals getting fulfilled and accomplished. Still, 50 to 60 years of life is waiting for me and I am having such a weak body that either I am sick or my head aches or my body pains or I am admitted in the hospital. I will also try to sleep for 5 to 6 hours daily as I sleep for a very short period of time which acts as a sweet poison to my body. It wasn't effecting formerly but I can feel some sensations of it now. 

              I hope I will be successful in being regular and responsible towards my Resolution of concentrating on my Body and Health. Robin Sharma says that it takes 21 days to make an activity a habit in your daily regimen. It is so easy. I will try to maintain consistency. I hope everyone of you is working on your Resolution. By the way What's your RESOLUTION FOR THIS YEAR? Please tell me.



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Anonymous said...

i keep making resolutions but u know how its never easy to keep them... anyway i hope u keep yours...exercise away!

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

A good resolution indeed.U must have good health to achieve other things in life.U know-asound mind is found in a sound body.Apart from daily exercise,it is very important to go for a balanced diet.U must take sufficient green veg. fresh friuts to improve ur immunity in order to ward off illness,U should take at least on e lemon juice or one AmlaaPiece(murabba)Or one orang

e etc. daily to make up for deficiency of Vitamin c.
Do not take heavy foods like pastries,choclates, cakes etc,in large quantity.
Wish u good health in this new year !!!

Anu Lal said...

This is great! I wish you a great year ahead.
Let me be your 50th follower...lol. I too am in need of my 50th follower. So I request you to check me back in.
Best wishes,

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u KanKan. I hope that even ur will work this year.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u dadaji for the information u gave me.. u r very helpful.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anulal for following me.. I will follow u back and I will help u to reach your 50 followers.

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