21 January 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Waiting For Some More !!!

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        So finally one week of Semester 4 is over. All the new teachers and new subjects are introduced. We got a new classroom with new benches. Classmates are still the same ;-) but I am happy with the old ones as even now, after 1.5 years, I haven't adjusted with 3 to 4 of them. I haven't bunked a single lecture till now but still I have an Absent mark in one lecture as I was drinking tea in the canteen with my friends and when I came back for the lecture I was late by 2 minutes. The new teacher is very strict and she boycotted us from the class. So I missed the attendance but we didn't missed the opportunity to ruin the atmosphere of the class. We kept standing at the door and disturbed the class. We enjoyed doing this. The first week was a kind of formality as we met our friends after a long time so we weren't feeling comfortable and free with each other but from last two days, we came back in our form. 

             The new subjects which I am going to study in Semester 4 are Marketing Management, Business Information System and Oracle, Visual Programming, Computer Oriented Statistical Methods, Digital Computer Network and Software Engineering. We have two practical subjects also. I am looking forward to Marketing Management as I love to learn about peoples and how to grow relation with them and how can we develop a good communication with different kinds of people. I am also looking for Software Engineering as many hidden knowledge about computers will be revealed in an easy language. Else, every other subject is a torture for me which I will study only because I am in computer field and I should know little bit about them. I never knew that the subjects would reflect computers in this way. I thought that they will teach us the basics which will be memorized only by 1 to 2 times read but No.. this field is so so deep and logical. If you leave a concept behind, the forthcoming concepts echoes to be very difficult and out of world. 

              Teachers are fine. My favorites till now are Jyoti madam who is teaching Software Engineering and Mugdha madam who is teaching Marketing Management. The best part of college is outing with friends. My outings are not about far distances from the college but it means a hang-out with friends at Inorbit Mall, Vashi. This week I have managed myself to sit in the class but I am sure as the burden and assignments will come in the way I am going to run from the college. College itches when teachers starts with the new complex logic and topics. It is always fun to sit with friends in the luxurious and peaceful environment of Inorbit and talk whatever we always wanted to. We sit and plan our future, discuss our problems and try to resolve each other's problem. There can be no happiness without communication and this is the time when we communicate peacefully with each other. We keep eating and we keep talking. At the end when we realize that it is the time when our college ends, we run towards our respective trains to reach home at the germane time so that we don't have to struggle through the numbers of questions of our parents.

             In short, I am hoping for a good semester ahead. Result of Semester 3 is still pending. It will be out in the next week. Please pray for me. I am just praying that I don't get drop in any subject. Low percentage will do for once but the drop in subject will act as an over-burden and a pressure to the brain. Let's hope for the best. Need your wishes.



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Anonymous said...

your College Diary is going fine.
I am really missing it a lot.
Hoping that u r enjoying it.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Vijay

Priya said...

All d best for ur results. Nice introduction of ur new subjects.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

very nice abhilash..
you will miss these moments later buddy..study well ..and keep up the name of ur parents..Btw u never mentioned any old female classmates? :)

hamaarethoughts.com said...

how r u? no writings..lately....
how is college goin?

nikhimenon said...

y no new posts? hw r u?

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