4 January 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I Lost My Son But I Gained Respect !!!

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        I remember the very first day when I saw my little son in the hospital. He was lying on his white bed sheet without knowing the circumstances he will have to face once he will grow up. I saw him and I was unable to imagine anything in this world which can be more sweeter than him. I was happy that this is my child who is the sweetest creation of God. Whenever he used to open his eyes, he used to smile. I used to feel so blithe that I can make my child laugh. I always loved kids so it was obvious that when I will have my own child, I'll love him/her passionately. Every father plans a future for his child. Seeing his innocence and small lovely face, I planned a smooth future for him. I wanted my son to be a businessman. 

             After two years, I already collected the sum of 2 Lakhs rupees. I was saving this money so that I can invest in a business which I would gift my child after he completes his B.Com. Till now, he learned to walk and call people by their name in his own funny tone. He used to tremble and dither while walking and seeing the strangers he used to run and hug me as he will never leave me again. I was fond of him like every father of this world. My father lost his life when I was just about 5 months old so I never got the love of father. This was one more reason why I was so attached and heuristic for my son. 

            Few years passed and now he started going to school. Whenever he used to return from school, I used to ask him his schedule and what new did he learned today. One day he said that papa I would love to be a computer engineer. I had no problem as this job didn't required any slogging and struggling. It is a job where a person has to sit on a revolving chair in a Air conditioned office. I loved his decision and I prayed to God that his decision doesn't change. 

            Few years passed and now he passed his 10th board exams. He passed it with remarkable and great 89% marks. I was so happy for him. On the day of the result, I entered his room and asked him about his decision for his future. My heart was beating faster as I wanted to hear commerce stream from him. He replied to my question," Dad, I would love to be a commando." I was shocked. I asked,"Why?" He said," Dad, I read newspapers regularly and I found that our nation is corrupt and weak. I want to make it stronger. Even a man can bring changes to the world if he think of changing it. You thought to create a new human body on the earth and see it was so easy for you and here I am. So, I want to replace the word of Weakest by Strongest for my nation." For few seconds I was blank. Being a father of a single child, how can I send him to such a job where his life will be challenged at every project or job given to him. I lost my wife when my kid was 5 years old and he is the only strength and relative I have in my life. How can I send him to hell by myself? I tried to manipulate him a lot by giving the examples of other easy jobs and career opportunities but he kept intact to what he decided. I prayed to God and left my child on the journey towards hell.

              He left the house and went to live in Delhi. He was trained there and now he used to talk to me daily through phone. He told me that he knows how to fire, how to attack enemies and how to defend himself. After the training completed he came to meet me before starting his job of a Commando. When I saw him after 4 years I was shocked to see him. I was unable to believe that is this the same child whom I saw lying on his bedsheet when he was born. Those little fingers were like rods of iron. The face which was sweet was tougher now. That legs which used to dither and tremble were like the pillars of a strong skyscraper. I was proud of my son for his selection of such a field but still I had a fear regarding his life like any father of this world would have.

               On the day of 27th November, 2008 he called me and exclaimed,"Daddy are you watching News Channels?" I told,"Yes Beta, those terrorists are bloodiest creature of this world. Just see how they are firing and enfilading on us." He shouted," Dad, you are going to be proud of me. I am going to enter Taj in few minutes and I am sure that I will kill all those bastards in whatever number they are - either 2 or 10." My heart started beating faster and I was shocked. I didn't had any idea that my son is a commando and he may be asked to enter Taj to kill those Pakistanis who are trying to kill as many human as they can. I said in a deep voice as I knew that he is going for a final war of his life," Take care , Beta. Try to be alert inside the building." He smiled and said," Dad, I am a trained Commando and I am already alerted about all the safety measures. Be cool and don't worry. I will be back soon with a result of Success." And the chat ended.

               After few hours, I got a call from an unknown number. I jumped in happiness that my son has returned back safely and picked up the phone. A voice came from the other side,"Do you know Akshay Tyagi? If yes, please come to the Commando office as fast as you can." Before I could speak anything the phone disconnected. I went to the office and I saw the body of my son lying in the white-colored bed sheet. For a moment I remembered the first glance when I saw my child for the first time in the same white-colored bed sheet. I went to his body, hugged him and cried a lot. In the evening, after his funeral I came to my house and looked at all the walls which had only his pictures in different poses. The whole night passed away talking to my son in the photos and the next morning, I signed the cheque by filling the amount which I saved for my child to invest in a business and present it as a gift to him and donated it to Indian Commando Training Institute to convert more soft children into bold and audacious countrymen who would love their country before their parents.

                Today, I am alone. I have no relatives. I have no one in life. I am old but I am handling myself in spite of whatever problems I am facing. This is all just because of one decision which my son took but I am proud of his decision. People salute me because of him. I am called as a chief guest to the National functions because I am a Father of a commando who lost his life while fighting for the nation. I have never received such kind of respect in my life because of the work I did in my lifespan but I am receiving it because my child decided to live in uncomfortable situations rather than a smooth life which I made for him. I, as a father of a martyr will always suggest every child to be a commando of this nation and save our nation from the bloody terrorists who wants to spoil our peace. My request to all the parents of this country is to send one of their child for the service of the nation. Today, my child has lost his life but he gave so many Indians, Mumbaikars a chance to live more. My request to all the Indians and people from the world is to fight for the justice of my son and for all the sons who lost their life in this fight of 26/11 and ask our Government to Hang Ajmal Kasab as soon as possible. This is the only request of this lonely old father. I have nothing more to say. I am leaving now. Its my time to interact with my son who is waiting for me in the drawing room in different poses. I have many things to tell him for today. I will have to tell him naa that I chatted with all of you. So good bye to all of you. JAI HIND !!!

               I have written this post as an autobiography of a father whose son was a commando and lost his life while combating with the terrorist in the enfilades of 26/11. Let's hope that we will get many more commandos in our country to fight against these terrorists who are playing with our life and nation. 



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Husain said...

Very touching and moving narration. Congratulations to him for giving such a son to India.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

well done...one of the best post till date!
God Bless..all the forces..and my country!!
its was a lovely narration and a very emotional ending!

Writing Buddha said...

Yaa Husain.. Salute to every1 who has sent their kid for the service of nation

Writing Buddha said...

Harmam mam... its a real WOW for me as u felt this post as one of the best till now.

Unknown said...

yaar!,its a very touching story!.i liked it very much!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Abhimanyu.

Unknown said...

Worth reading.
Very touching story.
I really appreciate the fact that you really keep your readers interested. After reading few para, i increased my pace to read faster.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u sir.

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