17 January 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Semester 4 Begins !!!

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       I know you want the answer of my absence and irregularity. The answer is secret and the promise is void. Few days more and I will write regularly. More than you I am missing the blogs. I don't know why but God is keeping me far away from Laptop and Internet. May be he wants me to concentrate on another prospects of life. Whatever. Today I have tried to manage the time and come online. The world seems to be grown up as everything is changed in 2 weeks since I last logged in. Everyone's profile picture is different, everyone's number of friends has augmented, everyone has new status to tell about themselves. Nobody seems to be lazy to keep their Wall or Profile old and traditional. Faster than Fashion, the ideas of modifying the Profiles dwells up in the minds of my friends and Network buddies.

            Yesterday my Winter vacations ended and from today - 17th January, 2011, My Semester 4 of BCA started. 3 Semesters are over and 3 more are left to go. I am still busy in figuring out that how come Half BCA has finished so soon. I don't know the answer but the only request to the God of Time is that please run this time as fast as possible so that I become a Graduate as soon as possible and my parents can think that their son is good for something. Today was the first day and we were introduced with our new subjects and new teachers. The first lecture of every subject seems to be so difficult as you have to hear some new concepts and new words. The teacher tries to act like a stringent teacher which makes the subject more hard to understand. After few days when they mug up all the names of the children and starts interacting with them they become a friend. This friendship turns sour when the teacher gives a huge assignment which doesn't let the students sleep for various nights. Today was the first day and we already got 3 questions to do. Graduation is not that easy as seniors and elder friends used to tell. All are liars. 

             Now as the Semester 4 is on, I think I should be serious now. There should be a respective regimen and I should follow it. I have to concentrate on my health too so that I can study well. There are many more things which are going to come with studies like Fests and many more extra-curriculum activities. I will have to use all my efforts to perform better so that my last year's performance will be forgotten. May be the circumstances may block me from participating in the programmes but I'll try to share my hands in them. Let's see what happens. There will be more assignments and I will try to do them as passionately as I have always done. I hope my spirit and confidence will grow and I'll not break because of useless reasons. I will try to interact with all my classmates rather than talking to only those people with whom I am comfortable with. I will try to be equal to everyone. No one should feel that Abhilash is much closer to some other person than me. 

             I will try to avoid any type of arguments and fights with any one. I have been successful in doing this in Semester 3 and I hope I'll continue this power of patience and maturity. I will try to help any of my classmate who would come to me with their problem. My result of Semester 3 is going to be released in this week or the next one, I don't know what the result will be like but as per my performance, I am sure that it will be not near to good but I am just praying God to build up the strength in me so that I can bear the pain of a bad result and don't break after seeing it. I want my efforts to keep on going in spite of the bad result. Let's see what God has kept for me as a surprise package. Life is interesting only when there are surprises. The obviousness makes the life boring. I am happy that my life is full of surprises and not obviousness. The most happiest part of my life is that I have no siblings so whatever I think and plan, I can execute it easily without any interference.

               I wish that all my classmates pass this exam without any Drops and Hurdles and they perform better than whatever they did till now. I hope anybody who would be having some problem with me will speak on my face and solve it. I am sure that they will do this. Let's see. Semester 4 is going to be a big baggage of surprises. 

             Best of luck to everyone of you for your studies or work, whatever you are doing. I hope this year turns out to be a SUCCESSFUL YEAR for you.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

it will be easy peasy once you get on track,everything new has some apprehensions and it takes time to sync,so no worries keep your spirits high and come up with flying colors!
best of luck!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks mam for being so sweet.

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