31 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

2010 - The BEST YEAR of my LIFE !!!

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T|he most wonderful year of my life !!!
        So here comes the last blog of this year - 2010. It feels so nice that I have completed the whole year without any hurdles and ruffles. Here comes the 253rd Blog of 2010 and 361th Blog of my Blogging career. As it is the last day of this year, I should summarize and epitomize all my achievements and failures. I did the same in my 110th BLOG where I collaborated all my success and failures of 2009. The 2nd half of 2009 was too good for me while its first half was quite stressful and painful but the 2nd half was wonderful. Now, talking about 2010 - This year is the best year of my 21 years life. I haven't failed in any activity I have put my hand in *touch wood* . 2010 made me a person who can dream big, struggle big and become big. I developed an attitude of Entrepreneurship in me. I started feeling that this is my life, these are my people and I am the one who can change my life to generate the positiveness in the people who I think are mine. For them, I started striving and I think that seeing me and my results of some awesome activities and curriculum, many would have thought of doing something different in their life than being busy and associated only with academic and professional life. 

              The year- 2010 started with my result of Semester 1 where I passed with first class marks and achieved the 3rd position in the class without even fighting for it. 

              Then, the festive season started in the college where I won 2nd position in the Traditional Day for my disguise of Sardar or Sikh. I enjoyed while enacting a Sikh as I always saw different actors on the Silver Screen with turban and big beard. So trying the same with myself was a Hat-off experience for me.

              As everyone of you know that I want to be a Writer in future, I submitted my article to DNA newspaper for the 3rd time and expected that this time I will be selected and fortunately, My Article got published in the DNA newspaper about the contradiction of the views of Shiv Sena towards Shah Rukh Khan's statement of including Pakistan's player in IPL. This was the first time when my article was published in the newspaper with my photograph.  

             Then came the First FEST of my college after my admission. All the performances were being rehearsed and I saw my seniors and classmates working hard to bring perfection to their performances. My classmates and seniors forced me to participate and I agreed to dance lightly on the remix track of Kahiin to Hogi Woh. I became the first person in my college to perform a Solo Dance Performance and personally this is the first stage performance of my life. The video of my performance is here :

            I always heard that college students are busy in preparing their presentations and keep on making and editing slides in their PPT projects. Being in the college, this year was the first time in my life when I prepared a PPT presentation and gave a presentation in a classroom and luckily scored 10 out of 10 for My Presentation .

            Then the Semester ended and 3rd Semester begun. The result of 2nd semester was released where I scored First Class marks again but there was little drop in my percentage. Fortunately, I was again at the 3rd position in my class and 1st in Boys. It made me more confident of myself as I was expecting drop in 1 subject but I think Paper Checker was a good man. ;-)

            In the 3rd Sem, we were introduced to our Juniors and for the first time in our college, Orientation Programme was conducted for the students of BBA and BCA where I was selected as the Host. This was the first time in my life where I hosted any occasion. My father always had a dream to see me as a Host and I fulfilled his dream.

            Coming to my Blog, this year I have published 253 Blogs which is no less but it is less for me as I try to publish 1 blog every day to interact with my friends and share my views with the world and keep on enhancing my writing skills. I completed 200th and 300th blog of my career in 2010 itself. I have gained more than 92,500 visitors in the year 2010.

             I have been successful in making my Blog familiar to many talented writers and I think I am the only one who have received the compliments of 11 published authors. I think no blogger has achieved this milestone. The authors who favored my Blog with their auspicious comments are Chetan Bhagat, Robin Sharma, Rashmi Bansal, Varsha Dixit, S.R. Saha, Nishant Kaushik, Abhishek Kothari, Azhan Ahsan, Tanveer Singh, Animesh Verma and Mandar Kokate. You can read their comments on Celebrities Review . This is something which I never imagined in my life would happen. 

              I also received the comment from the Superstar of the Millennium - Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. It was incredulous to receive the comment from him. Every Indian has a dream to meet or talk or see Mr. Amitabh Bachchan once in their life and I fulfilled my dream to do the same which is an unimaginative glory for me. You can read Amitabh Bachchan's comment on my blog at AB on my Blog. 

             This year itself, I started freelancing and I earned for the first time in my life. It is always a matter of pride when you earn after putting a lot of effort. And it is fun when you earn by sitting at your home and work from your bedroom. I am just loving this world of working and earning but I am not heuristic for this. I do this in my spare time.

             So, this is the year when I have experienced a lot of things which I never did in my life. I got my own PAN Card. I got my first bank A/c at Axis and my First ATM Card too. I also got the Wi-Fi connection of my house on my name. I met Mrs. Rashmi Bansal, the author of 2 bestseller books personally in Mumbai. I have completed 7 series of Sai Baba Fasting which means I have fasted for 63 times. It is an unimaginative spiritual peace which you can never gain until you start praying God, reading Chalisa for him and try to connect with him. I started doing it and I feel relaxed after keeping fast and praying God with all the power of Soul and Mind.

            I have always heard about different NGOs and Charity Group working for different causes. This year I tried to join my hands with them and support them by doing some charity from my side. I did this for Saving Tigers which is our National Animal. 

            These are the only things which I can remember at this moment. There may be many more things which I did for the first time in 2010 and many more achievements which I owned this year. This has been the most successful year of my life and I don't think that any of the year in future may break the record of 2010. I am in love with 2010 with so much of compassion and relativism that I don't want this year to leave me and make me welcome a new year - 2011. I don't know how the next year will take place and what all pages of my life will be revealed but this is sure that 2010 will always remain close to my heart and I will always remember 2010 as the year which enhanced me and my persona. With a sad heart, I am leaving 2010 back and welcoming 2011. I hope everyone of you would have achieved something or the other in 2010. Hope 2011 bring more shines and sharpness in your life. My Best wishes with everyone.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU sad to leave 2010 behind.






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Kul Bhushan Garg said...

dear Abhi,the year 2010 has been a very successful year for u. U achieved many new things,reached new milestones.I am sure that coming year 2011 will still be better for u in all respects.Wish u all the best & a very happy new year,God bless u !!

hamaarethoughts.com said...

A Complete WoW..so much at this age...and article being published..Congratulations!!.you definitely have all qualities..God Bless !!say my "hi" to your parents..and Happy New Year to them and to you as well

Maya said...

hope u see better times in 2011

Anonymous said...

hi abhilash read your blog posts after along time.
Wishing You a happy new year.hope this year your life is full of prosperity and joy.
Keep blogging.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u dadaji. I am waiting for your post of this month. I hope you will contribute.

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, u r so sweet. I hope I may achieve many more stars so that u may feel good for me. keep praying and I will surely convey your HII to my parents.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Generalist.

Writing Buddha said...

Same 2 u Vijay and thanks for reading my lazy blogs. ;-)

sim cards uk said...

I would like a really good quote or toast to say on New Years Eve about leaving 2009 behind and making 2010 a great year. 2009 flipped my entire life around... got out of a 4 year relationship, lost all of my "best friends" along with it, lost my best friends father to cancer,

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