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Wonder Womaniya by Sohil Makwana (Book Review: 3.25*/5) !!!

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It has been some weeks since I read and talked about any book. I finally landed upon a book named “Wonder Womaniya” written by Dr. Sohil Makwana. Both- the title and the beautiful yellow-themed cover page of the book grasped my attention. The book is of around 206-pages published by the author himself. The book talks about the girl named Ambika who resides in Jhansi. She is very bubbly and joyful. She loves creating memes, sharing laughter, giving sharp-edged reply to others, being good at friendships, rejects boys’ advances in her own swag and what not. Suddenly, an event in her life changes the course for her. She becomes lonely and co-incidentally gets victim to a disease. How she converts her problems into a cause for spreading happiness is what this book basically talks about.


Talking about the author, Sohil, he has written a duology before Wonder Womaniya which has already been signed up for being adapted into a web-series. I haven’t got an opportunity to read it but this attempt is a simple and easy read which will help beginners get into reading. I liked how he based his story in a small-town so that maximum Indian crowd can relate with. I have myself stayed in Jhansi, where this story is based in, and could identify with many things author portrayed in the story. I just wished if Jhansi could have been described a bit more so that readers could understand what all the city provides- reason why we say books help us travel cities without actually traveling there.


The book is majorly written in both- English and Hindi hence you can’t call it and all-and-out English novel. This is more of a Hinglish attempt which I feel works at certain places but not everywhere. Sohil’s sense of humour and sarcasm is top-notch as there are many conversations and responses which are so sharp and witty that it could not have been possible for anyone lacking the funny bone to write it in the way it’s written currently. I am really impressed with how frequently author has been able to provide humour along with some dark side of it which makes you smile and laugh continuously.


The characterizations are nicely maintained where everyone is given a good description for you to relate with them. The major focus has been given to Ambika which helps you understand the protagonist and her state of mind quite well. I liked how author has developed character of a small-town girl quite strong and smart rather than portraying her a victim. The leap in the 2nd half is executed so well that many girls will find inspiration and solution through it. Sohil has integrated his domain knowledge of medical field very seamlessly in the story and converted it in a plot which lets you know about various kind of physical problems a woman has to go through. Author has ensured that he helps his readers understand the difficult terminologies and not get overwhelmed with the jargons.


Author has also tried speaking in favor of the girls/women in terms of the kind of challenges they have to deal with since their childhood right from eve-teasing, video leaks, lusty looks and remarks, uncomfortable stares, marriage issues, post-marital physical complications, non-co-operation from their partner and in-laws, judgment from society etc. He has almost been successful in speaking about all of these without sounding preachy except at few events.


The book is a short read and will not take you more than a sitting or two to complete it. You will enjoy the humor. You will relate with the cause that Dr. Sohil wanted us to address and empathize with. The story tells about how small-town girls can be strong enough to establish a movement without anyone’s support. The book also speaks about importance of good friendships and relationships in our life. The fragility of modern marriages is also been highlighted. The 2nd half is more powerful than the 1st half.


Talking about the drawbacks, I must say that over-usage of Hindi starts sounding cheesy after a point of time. Secondly, in writing the story from pro-women point of view, boys are regularly been shown in negative light which I believe author could have balanced by keeping few positive male characters too. There are couple of typos and mistakes in the book which could have been avoided. Except Ambika, the other characters could have also been involved majorly in the story. The climax sounds too filmy hence there are few scenes which sounds very over-the-top and you are not able to find them realistic.


Overall, this is a fine read. You will be remembered of the movie- Queen while reading the book. It gives you the same vibes. I give the book 3.5 stars out of 5.






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