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The Lost World Rises by Pranay Bhalerao (Book Review: 3.75*/5) !!!

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Well, this is 3rd book of Pranay Bhalerao that I have completed reading within 3 months itself. It seems as if I have been living in the world created by the author since all this time. Thankfully, his new book is yet to be released and I can now finally move on to other authors. Haha! I am done reading the sequel of “The Lost World” named “The Lord World Rises” which is published by the author himself. The book is written in around 300 pages which is 90 pages more than the 1st part of the duology. To start with, I must say that the publishing quality of the book is maintained so well that it’s hard to believe that it has not been touched by any leading traditional publisher. Kudos to author for giving his all to the book.


This book, definitely, extends to a better scale and brings to you unexplored sectors that were not included in the 1st book at all. Pranay’s writing style remains mostly the same – OBVIOUSLY – but the way the story is written is comparatively interesting. The chapters stay crisp making it easier for you to explore the world of both- 1980s and 2000s. The shift in the characters’ attitude and aura is nicely handled making it passionate for most moments. All the characters are finally ready to take revenge or complete their goals which were left incomplete. Hence, as a reader, you stay alert throughout the book as there are characters planning, plotting, strategizing, revenging and fighting against each other.


In between of all this adrenaline rushes, there’s a section of two characters – Ramtirtha and Naina where they are on an escape. And as our Bollywood culture suggests, they eventually fall for each other and hence, a romantic relationship establishes. All those segments are beautifully described and makes you feel loved – even if you are single. I endorse this claim. Haha! I like how author was able to bring both the generations together where all the characters have their own role to play and yet ensures that no one gets sidelined. I just felt that Surya could have also been involved a bit more but anyway, the inclusion of Shanitirtha, Ramtirtha and Apoorav has been a phenomenal camaraderie to read. Again, Apoorav is bit sidelined compared to how he was treated in Book 1 – he could have been made a hero in this book with the kind of character development author had done in the previous part.


The story involves a Doctor, Politician, Police, Gangster, NGO team and a Pandit as well. You can imagine the storyline. The book is like a written version of Gangs of Wasseypur and multiple web-series we have watched in recent times where characters are inter-related with each other – each of them having their own dark past and tough future. There are lot of actions, death, violence, tragedy and other elements which gives the depth to the layers of the story and makes you understand the level of pain it takes for few people to undergo a life they never wished to live. I liked how author started wrapping the story slowly in the pre-climax without rushing like the previous book. You are able to feel all the emotions which are described for the characters – where some of them go through pain whereas some of them find success.


Now, talking about the drawbacks- I must say that the book consists of some grammatical and spelling mistakes – which wasn’t the case with the Book 1. I don’t know how it got skipped in this one. Secondly, the book could have been kept under 250-pages as I felt there are many scenes which doesn’t add up to the story. The same characters in both the timelines did create confusion this time and made it difficult at times to keep myself up with what happened within which timeframe. That’s it.


Overall, the Lost World series is a wonderful one to spend your time with. You will definitely not be disappointed. There’s a lot of mystery, thriller and suspense which keeps on getting intense with the story progression. I give “The Lost World Rises” 3.75* out of 5. Awaiting Pranay to come back with a new book soon.






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