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Movie Review: Bharat: A strict Okay-ish movie! ***

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I stay in Navi Mumbai hence even after having some doubt on Salman Khan’s movies I still go to watch them because of the experience I get in the theatre as everyone in the audience is Salman’s die-hard fan as he has a farmhouse nearby in Panvel. I saw the FDFS of Bharat today and it was again a spectacular event seeing small children and Muslim families coming out in new clothes to celebrate Eid by watching the nation’s favorite actor- Salman Khan on the big screen.

Bharat is a great story on paper which narrates a character’s story from 8 years of age to 70 i.e. 1947 to 2010. The other great part of the story is that the character’s name itself is Bharat which is kept on the name of the country. Salman Khan playing the same makes this story sound more powerful. But when the same has been adapted in the movie and projected on the screen, it doesn’t turn out to be as special as it sounds textually; though it is watchable. The 1st half is interesting where it has been shown how the character of Bharat struggles for his survival by working at several places and even risking his life at times as he needs to keep the promise his father had given him before getting separated at the time of partition to protect his family as he is the eldest among siblings.

His 1st meet with other characters such as his friend, Vilayati (Sunil Grover), his 1st love interest- Radha (Disha Patani), his 2nd love interest- Kumud (Katrina Kaif) etc. is interesting and enjoyable. There are small humorous pieces in between which also works fine. But when the story moves to the 2nd half, the repeated display of Bharat’s survival in different kind of jobs becomes boring and monotonous. Then comes the important portion of the movie where Bharat gets a hope of reuniting with his father and sister due to a media-channel’s initiative to unite families from across borders who got separated during partition. This is where it seems the Bajrangi Bhaijaan effect has been applied in the pre-climax which actually makes you weep and shed some tears. But I believe story could have been ended just there but the director and writer stretch it little more to show the current lifestyle of the character, Bharat, at the age of 70 which becomes little too hard to digest.

Talking about the good parts of the movie- the movie starts off well and first half is entertaining and hopeful. The pre-climax emotions are also very well handled and actually works with the audience. The chemistry and love-angle between Salman and Katrina’s character is very nicely projected even though Katrina plays Salman’s boss. The chemistry between Salman and Sunil Grover’s characters where they play childhood friends is also beautifully projected. The dialogues are fine; not much issue with them though none of them will stay with you. Also, the process of getting jobs are also interesting to watch when you are uneducated in our country but want to earn bucks.

The stand-out performance in the movie is delivered by Sunil Grover who has a good length of role and is able to deliver the same strongly and comfortably without any nervousness in spite of sharing the screen with superstars like Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. Another good performance is delivered by Disha Patani who even in her short role impresses just like she did in Dhoni’s biopic. Salman Khan again plays himself in the movie like most of his movies in last decade hence if you are Bhai’s fan, he shall not disappoint you but if you aren’t, then it shall irritate to watch how he plays same kind of body language for all the age-group he is portraying. Even at 70, his make-up and body language are like that of 30 years old which irritates. Katrina Kaif is wonderful in this movie and I am very happy to say this once again after Zero. But same problem with her make-up when she is made to play aged part.

All the other characters are okay in their small roles.

Talking about the drawbacks of the movie:- The 1st thing that disappointed me throughout the movie is over-stretching most of the scenes such as the Circus part of Maut Ka Kuaa, the part in Middle-East when Salman and Grover’s characters start working under the ground in Middle-East and another boring part where some people come to loot their ship – makers have tried to make that segment funny giving references of Amitabh Bachchan but it is really irritating, the pre-climax though it clicks but even that is too long. There are many such scenes which starts eating the patience in the audience in you. The scene of separation between Salman and Jackie Shroff is played so many times that even though I loved that scene in the beginning, later on, I wanted to hit the screen with my shoes whenever it played. Another major setback in the movie is that the story of character is shown along with the development of the nation but there is nothing much that the makers are able to show about India or the character or the co-ordination between both of them. They only end up spoiling the same. Even the sets and ambience of the movie remains to be the same even though the year ranges from 1947 to 2010 which is really disappointing.

Overall, the movie is a one-time watch with all the irritating parts mentioned above. I would give this movie 2.75 starts out of 5 which rounds off to 3 stars which I believe I would still give because of the engaging sections too. But trust me, you can skip this movie from watching it in theatres and wait for it to come on television if you are not a Salman Khan fan.



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