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25 Essentials To Happy Living by Preeti Pathak (Book Preview) !!!

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These days people have started inclining towards Spirituality which is a very good thing. The best option to get near to Spirituality are books related to them. One needs to get a very powerful book on Spirituality to understand it completely and follow it with purity and cleanliness. I recently picked up a book named “25 Essentials To Happy Living” written by Preeti Pathak and published by Vishwakarma Publications.

The book is of around 125 pages with 25 different chapters: - obviously each one of them discussing about specific essentials which which the authoress suggests are important for living happily. The book is great for beginners as authoress have used simple concepts to explain what is needed for us to understand the essence of life and quest to achieve the same to ensure that we find ourselves in the spot as less as possible. The basic purpose of all the 25 chapters is to ensure that the readers understand that living happy is not as tough as we think it is and it all depends upon our perspective towards things. If we get on following few basics and give considerations to things we think are needed to be taken care by others around us, we can achieve happiness very easily.

The book is written in a very simple language which shall make it easy for anyone to finish it within an hour or two. The book has tips on several concerns like stress management, money, anger, criticism, ego, being judgmental, communication, parenting, love, friendship, devotion, possessive nature, freedom, emotions, karma etc. The best part is that in this short book of introducing people with concept on which there is always negligence and ignorance, author has ensured that people would actually start feeling positivity. After every chapter, a quote or section said/written by Paramhansa Yogananda is mentioned which I found as effective as the complete chapters.

Overall, this book is recommended for beginners and practitioners too who are looking out for options which can ease the stress of their life and they can start living happily but are not interested in going through a 300-400 pages full-fledged book.



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