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How to Finish Everything You Start by Jan Yager (Book Review: 3.25*/5) !!!

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Reading non-fiction books are a game that I love playing whenever I get time. Though there is excitement in fiction books but the kind of refreshment a non-fiction book provides is amazing. It is because the way it connects with your own life. You don’t need to relate with any character as while reading a non-fiction, you can relate directly with yourself and your life. The book that I have finished reading just now is “How to Finish Everything You Start” written by the author of 46 other books- Jan Yager and published by my favorite non-fiction books’ publisher- Jaico.

The book comes with a tagline- “Habits to Transform your life”. The title of the book is what made me get in awe with it as it is something that all of us are concerned about with our routine. There are so many things that we start but are unable to finish and complete it due to multiple causes. Author has tried here to define all those prospective causes and provide the solution on how we don’t repeat the same mistakes and follow some basic rules to ensure that when we start something new next time, we don’t end up keeping it unfinished. Author has defined FINISH rule which focuses on prioritizing the tasks one by one, ignoring distractions etc. which is really practical and goal-oriented.

The best part about the book is the exercises and actions defined in the end of each chapter and in some cases, between the chapters. These are really something which makes you think upon yourself and the way you have been managing things until now. It regularly keeps striking you how we have not given importance to our multiple tasks with equal importance till now. Overall, the book is written with a very good intent where author has gone into as specific as possible that a chapter is completely dedicated for authors on how to complete a book.

Now, talking about the drawbacks, I felt author just couldn’t give a straight flowchart on how to provide tips and advises to the reader as several times there are references given of a chapter where the rest of the topic has been explained. This makes the reading experience difficult as reader keeps getting such interruptions though this issue in the book is for initial few chapters only. Secondly, I felt there are many more tips and tricks that author could have discussed as I believe whatever has been mentioned is already known to the readers; it’s just that author balanced it with those exercises at the end of the chapters which are definitely unique. Overall, this book is definitely a fine read if you have not read many self-help books as this shall really help with its easy language and short chapters. I give this 3.25* out of 5.



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