25 June 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

Is Darkness & Unclarity really bad for your Life?

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People believe in keeping the darkness away from their life. Everyone talks about keeping the negatives away. No one wishes to have tragedy around them. I have always experienced the best learning curves only in the moments when I am headed towards darkness and unclarity. When we are in light, we don’t tend to see the brightness that is making us feel comfortable and confident. We feel that is our state of mind. We feel nothing great is happening to us even if we get some of the great superior experiences or opportunity. The reason is that we have all shiny white around us. How would one feel the presence of that one light which has just created magic suddenly in the extensive brightness?

But when you have darkness all around and you can see nothing except black and there suddenly you find a ray of light coming in towards you, every dimension of your body accepts that light and gives credit for whatever light there is in your life and moment. When my mobile shall always have above 80% battery and someone would give me charger I will never get to understand the importance of a charger. It is only when my battery percentage is below 5% and I won’t be having any charger around me and somehow someone lends me the charger for 15 minutes will I understand what a charger meant to me all my life.

Hence, I believe though our trials and efforts should always be to ensure that we have light and positivity around us but if there isn’t any, we should feel more positive and curious as we know we are in a better state to realize the important things that makes our life rather than concentrating upon wrong factors and thinking them to be our reason of happiness. Your mobile is nothing without a charged battery or charger. Your home is nothing without electricity. Your car is nothing without fuel. Your lifestyle is nothing without money and credit card. Your expensive clothes are nothing without an Iron. You need little challenging moments to understand the above relatability otherwise you shall keep believing in illusions and the day you lose your charger, electricity, fuel, money or an Iron shall you acknowledge their importance and presence in your life by when you shall be in a forever darkness which shall never let you enjoy the moment of light again.

Hence, every time, you see hurdles, obstacles and nothingness in your life understand that it is going to make you learn where the source of light is and how it gets transformed in such a manner that it starts benefiting you who didn’t even know the answer till date. Few people teach us to always walk on the roads which are safe. Never have this attitude if you want to understand and learn why a road is safe or unsafe and then try making the unsafe one safe with your findings on what is lacking for it to become a safe road. There is always an individual who changes the mindset, trend, village and even the world. But that individual needs to be not just an individual but also an enlightened and powered one. And we have already discussed above how the enlightenment can be achieved in day-to-day tough situations from which we wish to run away from. So now is the time to get in to the darkness and learn things rather than celebrating the ever-bright moments of your life and being in your very own cocoon of righteousness which is actually foolishness. Hope this post shall make you understand where I am coming from.



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