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Movie Review: Kabir Singh: Wonderfully Directed, Scripted & Acted! ****

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The love stories in Bollywood are made with such ideal scenarios and characters that it sometimes becomes hard to believe and live with them for 2-3 hours. It is also the reason why many Bollywood love stories fail to connect with audience. YJHD or Aashiqui 2 did well because the male characters in the movie had their own flaws which didn’t allow them to keep their partner or friends completely happy. Kabir Singh has released just this Friday and within 5 days, it has touched 100 crores and as per its trend, people have estimated to be challenging this year’s biggest hit- URI. This movie is also doing well because the character is 100 times more flawless than those characters.

Kabir Singh, the movie, is a story about the character with the same name who is not a cute chocolate boy that everyone idolizes but is a drug addict, alcoholic, womanizer and has anger-management issues. He is humble and soft-spoken with no one in particular. In front of his anger, he gives up even on himself and the one he troubles a lot is no one else but himself. He meets a girl named Preeti in the college and falls in love with her so much that anyone touching or seeing her is subject to be victim of his violence. The first half of the movie is more about how both the characters fall in love with each other whereas 2nd half is more about how the character of Kabir suffers loneliness and separation from his love partner.

The one thing that remains constant throughout 1st and 2nd half is Kabir Singh’s character’s anger and madness. The direction and story-writing of the movie is done so well by Sandeep Vanga that you don’t hate the character but stand with him so that he gets the girl forever as only it can make him little normal and ideal. The way the anger and fury of the character is portrayed throughout the movie is debatable but as I have seen such characters in my life, it is very practical and right on your face. The movie’s screenplay is so beautifully managed that you are with the character and story even when it is almost 3 hours long. Though few actions of the character are surely debatable due to its aggression on the girl he loves and other women as such and similarly, the way girls are portrayed in the movie, but, a movie is not meant to show the ideal world but a story as it is- even if it is imperfect or its characters are not ideal.

The background score has played a very big part in making this movie look more good than it already is. The way both the music- played during aggressive/violent scenes and love scenes are balanced shows the kind of effort put in by the team. The songs are also very soulful and not inserted just for the sake of it but matches with the storyline. The dialogues are powerful and entertaining. The climax of the movie is what makes you come out of the cinema hall smiling which again I believe is the success of the makers that they managed to not bore the audience even when ideal families get involved in the story.

Talking about the performances, it can surely be said now that Shahid Kapoor gives superlative performance whenever his character is aggressive or dark. This has already been seen with Udta Punjab, Kameeney and Haider. But seriously speaking not getting carried away in the moment, this is Shahid Kapoor’s best performance till date for sure. I am expecting him to carry this momentum for his future career. Kiara Advani doesn’t have much to do as she got to display her skills only in 1st half even in which she is silent for most of the parts. She was more expressive in Lust Stories but still, she has given a fine performance. Rest all the supporting actors have supported the movie well, kudos, to the actor who played Kabir Singh’s friend character.

Coming to the character’s portrayal which is being debated across the nation, let me tell you, in the theatre while I was watching the movies, the girls around me were regularly awing and ooooing throughout the movie with their instant reactions such as “Kya Swag hai yaar”, “How cool” etc. during the violent scenes. So, discussing this is senseless as every individual has its own opinion on what’s right or wrong. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5 as even after one day, it is not ready to leave my mind.

Go and watch it.



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